Volleyball and Death Games

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Chapter 17

Tom laid himself on the bed to sleep in their regalia quarters inside Crowfire's manor. All of his teammates had already fallen asleep. The lights were off and everything seemed so quiet. Though the night had its peak, Tom can't sleep so he got himself up and walked through the window of his room. The moonlight passes through it which is the only source of light.

He can't stop thinking things now. He knows Crowfire was upset to what he said, about who he is, what is the world all of them existed right now and the probable future they will take.

He remembered what Chronos told him before he left,“The future oracles are pieces of my core, that is why it can tell the future. However, if the holder’s action changes, the future also changes. From this fact anchors the power to rewrite and change the histories.”

Chronos told Tom that one’s memories correct the order of a character’s placement in the timeline, and that rewriting attempts of past owners failed. The fading of those memories make the character believe his existence in a world is true, and that histories will not resist.

Tom knew that Chronos’ core was the ultimate prize for this game he was set. For Tom, the existence of this shadow world is the very twist of this deal with Psyche. He knows Green Lizard is their first opponent, and that they will win against it. He just hoped they will defeat that team in the real world, not here where everything runs through bloodshed.

Despite how Crowfire had felt, Tom never thought he will tell it to everyone. Since it is Crowfire's greatest secret now, he can't let his regalias to turn into monsters.

"You will win that core. You will win the nationals!" Tom remembered his voice while gripping Crowfire's jersey jacket. The man takes few steps behind while crumpling his face in confusion.

"What are you?" Crowfire whispered as he spread his arms on his side. Tom almost embrace his torso but he was keeping himself away.

"I am not yet dead, Crowfire. That is why I will never turn into phantom if I remember things. That's how things should be. You existed in a parallel world as a high school, were all of us, your regalias attend. And we are the volleyball team." Tom said so soft while struggling to have a grip on Crowfire. He added, "As to how I came here was all because of  Psyche."

I am an idiot! He shouted within himself when the thought bugged him straight. He punched the wall on his side. Since this is the shadow world, he thought what could happen to the real world with this action. It certainly wouldn't cause anything strange, he said to himself.

On the next morning, Crowfire was fully geared up with his regalias the moment his future oracle sounded more frequently than the usual. He was alarmed when he saw the messages bugged up on his future oracle.


Then Psyche appeared on the phone, still on her trash bag attire while floating in the air. While she was speaking, a video presentation was also playing.

"Hello, aspiring rulers of Mount Olympus. As you know, progress for this contest had been slowing down which is far from what I expected. People don’t seem to crave for power, or you just don’t want to die. I guess all of you are cowardly hiding and gearing yourselves with what you call, regalias and call it training. With all of you playing this game in the whole country, it will very tough to live everyday, not only to think you are weak enough to fight but also the number of people you have to deal with. So I am speeding this game by making things under clusters."

While hearing the crackled voice of the girl, Crowfire held a grip on his future oracle as the grotesque pictures of mythical beings being killed were constantly playing. There were the pictures of male and female beings in various locations, covered with linings of their own blood, mostly are bathing with it, with their eyes and mouth open wide. Their clothes were torn to shreds, and their slitted muscles with the drying blood. Their weapons in various forms are either cracked in pieces or destroyed from existence. Most of the mythical beings throughout the country died due to the games. And there are more to surprise each one of them.

Psyche continued speaking, "From now on, you will only be receiving future oracle signals from among holders in your city. And in that way, I had lessened the number of your enemies. You will be granted immunity to the ones outside your city, no, not until we move to the national tournament. That is when we knew who will be getting this crown of rule, the Chronos’ core, if you are still alive but that time."

“What? The Core of Chronos?” Crowfire gasped.

Grandson Emberbright said, “It is the first time Psyche told what that core really was. The core of time.”

Tom heard them talking. He knew no one ever really knows this timeline has been rewriting all this time, for Psyche’s bidding. They did not even know that Zeus was the real king of Mount Olympus. As far as he could understand, Psyche erased him from existence when she got the core of Chronos.

The future oracle let out digitized sounds as its screen blurs. Then, it lighted for few moments.


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