Volleyball and Death Games

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Chapter 25

Psyche suddenly felt startled when the fire from the burning cars slowly runs out. The charred metal walls of cars appear and the crushed glass windows scrambling on the road. She saw the bones of people, covered with dark to white ashes while the fire is yet devouring. One dark ball was protruding on the crushed window of the ambulance. She moved her eyes and saw the sockets, and the jaw, the dark teeth and the nasal cavity. It was a skull. Not just one, but almost all of the people, huddling and embracing each other turned into skeletons.

The fire fighters and the siren of their truck reigned on the expressway grounds. Psyche just turned her back and started to get back on her way. She walked all alone, bowing her head down while gripping her future oracle on her hand. She used her mythical power to collapse the metal bars and make it fall to Lungs.

Psyche gazed everything while the hot steam and sharp blow of air ran on her. Everything inside the gymnasium was charred, the walls were all black and the scrambled metal bars piercing the concrete floor.

She remembered that fateful day, when Ares, the prince of war visited her house. She didn’t expect it.

It was a frightening site to see, a day full of terror as the Olympians wreaking havoc within their realm. She saw above the skies, where Zeus’ court was, the dark fiery clouds with red thrunder roaring, floating the atmosphere.

Everyone in Psyche’s village got outside of their houses. They saw the mythical beings, fleeing as they flew above the horizon.

“Run for your lives mortals. Zeus has disappeared. Ares did it. Ares holds a dark power, a sorcery that will destroy us all”, every mythical being shouted to all the mortals below them.

Everyone baffled.

The mountains and the seas bellowed. Psyche’s family didn’t know what to do. Her father told her to stay indoors. Later, the wind blew, and the whirlwinds started to devastate the villages of mortals.

“Father. Mother. The Olympians are escaping from the wrath of Grandmother. Grandfather has disappeared.” Eros just landed on his feet as he returned to their castle.

He felt guilty, and thought this chaos was his fault. He knew he felt in love with a mortal. And that is something Olympians will not agree.

Ares and Aphrodite looked at each other, thinking the same, of telling their son what is going on.

“I have something to tell you, Father. Mother.” Eros said. He bowed his head. He knew he will be scolded, or at worst become banished from Mount Olympus. “I think I did something you will not agree.”

Ares and Aphrodite realized he was telling her failure on Psyche. But he didn’t know what was really going on.

“Son, it is us who should be confessing to you.” Ares held his son’s shoulder. He looked at his wife, and then started speaking.

As he heard his father’s words, Eros shook. Ares told him everything, about the first world, the core, and the truth behind this world. He confessed about how his mother tried to ruin his lovelife, by making the most important thing to make Psyche an, Olympian, the Ambrosia. He trembled and his teeth gritted. His head was slowly bowing down. Then his tear fell.

“I am going to find the Ambrosia. I’m sure I will. I’ll get my love, as you do Father.” Eros rose his head up. His parents backed-up. He said, “I’m afraid I have to go.”

Ares felt his heart was struck by an arrow of deep grief and pain as he saw his son like that. Eros was always cheerful. It grieved him when Eros flew out of the castle.

“Eros. It’s dangerous out there!” Aphrodite screamed. She whispered, “It’s my fault. I am so selfish and absorbed.”

“Eros was the greatest gift we had, even before in the first world. And now I’ll do whatever it takes to protect him.” Ares said. He clenched his fist. His rage once again filled his heart. He looked at his wife and said, “He is in mortal danger. Mother touched the book last night. I knew by now she had hatched a plan to destroy us, now that Zeus was gone.”

Ares and Aphrodite rode a Pegasus from their castle through the royal court of Mount Olympus. They saw the fiery clouds, and the red lightning, the roaring of the earth and sea. The volcanoes erupted, and the giant smoke filled the skies. The villages started to burn as the lava slowly flooding the ground.

“Ares did it. Ares was a sorcerer. He holds a dark power. We must destroy him.”

“Ares did it. Ares was a sorcerer. He holds a dark power. We must destroy him.”

“Ares did it. Ares was a sorcerer. He holds a dark power. We must destroy him.”

They heard from everyone flying in the skies. To Ares’ ears, it was a continual agony to hear from everyone. No one recognized them, largely because of the panic from the people’s voices. They saw the mortals fleeing from their houses.

Aphrodite gasped. Ares’ teeth gritted and his grip on the Pegasus had become tighter.


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