Volleyball and Death Games

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Chapter 26

"Acerspire City news. The Inter-high volleyball competition has been cancelled due to all catastrophic incidents recorded around Sponsored municipal gymnasium and bridge expressway. Volleyball players have been known to suffer serious injuries and some had died. The prime minister speculated the said events as an act of terrorist plot. It had been part of consideration that the said incidents were just the beginning. The whole country was declared in the state of emergency. The authorities are still investigating with the possible cause of these unusual incidents. As part of countermeasures, military and police checkpoints are situated within the borders of Acerspire City and the provinces nearby. Everyone is advised to stay indoors."

It was a female reporter in TV. Flashing along with her speaking was the video of the explosion of the gymnasium and the scramble of vehicles within the bridge expressway. The cameras are moving. The charred bodies of cars and peole were captured. Smoke is still floating and some of the coals are still burning.

"Bodies were recovered from the blast site, with an estimated50 people died in both explosions, of which 20 are high school students from Tuberculosis High volleyball club. The bodies of the coach and other tournament staff were also identified and therefore counted dead. Crowfire High students had suffered from minor to serious injuries but were immediately taken to Crowfire Municipal hospital."

All the heads of the Crowfire team are on the TV hanging on the wall of their hospital room. Ios Android and Grandson Emberbright are both crossing their arms while laying their backs next on the window. The third years are huddling together at one corner while the second years are sitting on the beds. Most of them had bandages on their arms and faces.

Scarlet's head turned on the bed. There were Tom and Toby lying, both unconscious, having full of bandages on their arms and head. Their dextrose bags are almost empty.

"I wonder why our last year in Inter-High was messed-up like this." Thunder suddenly spoke out.

"That means we will not leave yet. We will join the team on the spring tournament this October. It is too depressing for us not to play on our final year, isn't it? But it is far more depressing to see people die in your very eyes." Hammer replied.

"I really feel sorry for them. The way their iron wall acted earlier was really strange, as if he was really out of his mind." Thunder said.

"If the Inter-High is not cancelled, where do you think how far we could go? Do you think we could make it to the nationals?" Thor said while holding his chin and looking up the ceiling.

"Yeah. That is quite interesting to know. Too bad, we couldn't fight Herring Gull High. We didn't see how good Jack Frost was." Hammer added.

"He was not there on the practice match. I hope we could fight him in the spring tournament." Thor giggled then tapped Hammer's back.

The three of them laughed.

"We are glad you easily handled such traumatic experience. Later on, all of you will undergo counseling." Ios Android intruded the conversation.

"We need to rest, especially our duo here." the coach said then pointed his look on Tom and Toby's lying bodies.

Despite the pain dwelling in every muscle he has, Tom can hear them speaking. His consciousness was awakened but he didn't have the strength to open his eyes nor move.

Up until now, he still felt unsettled for all what happened. People had died. They were wiped out from existence, and they are people, living ones who supposed to run through more. They weren't supposed to die yet, no, not that way. That fact made an irrevocable alteration in the course of this plot. Despite this drastic change in history, Tom was never worried that his memories will fade before he knows it. He is holding the relics of Chronos. Slowly, he learned how to control its power. EH just can’ stand seeing people die, maybe it is just part of his nature as a person.

He remembered his own statements when he talked to Chronos long before all of this started, "The way mythical beings kill each other is just finding their spot for the nationals. Let Crowfire win. Crowfire will win that core. And that is how I will get back."

He just thought a slight rectification to his own intuitions. He didn't expect to have two resorts of plans to win over all of this mess he has been. He has to find Psyche's future oracle and possess it. Though just an intelligent guess, he thought it might work out, that Psyche will be defeated. Or he has to let the team play to the nationals. By that way, he could ask help for Crowfire to use the core and set him back to his own time line. Crowfire just have to win the nationals to set things back. It was just the main course of the Haikyuu history after all, Tom thought, in this world and of course, of that shadow world.

He thought the team of Tuberculosis has no involvement to the course of Crowfire towards the nationals. In his original time line, they never fought Tuberculosis in the spring tournament, but instead, it was defeated by Herring Gull. But they defeated Herring Gull and Falco Peregrinus, that they made their way to the nationals, and defeated Lion King and Blue Owl, making Tom the Little Giant.


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