Volleyball and Death Games

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Chapter 37

Tom pulled himself up. He was breathing hard. His chest heaves in and out as he gripped the quilt on his lap.


It took few moments for him to realize he was lying on a bed. The ceiling, the walls and the window of the room immediately cleared on his eyes. He was on his room.


Grains of sweat fell down on his forehead and on his neck through his chest. He was wearing a white robe.


“Oh, thank goodness, you are already awake Tom.” a voice filled the room. Then a woman entered his room. It was his mother.


He gulped. At that point he started to draw blank on his mind. What happened to me? Then memories flashed on his mind. That very moment he felt the drag of gravity when he fell on the building rooftop resurfaced most vividly.


“How are you, Tom?” the woman approached him and tapped his head. She added, “The doctor said you might suffer from temporary amnesia after what happened to you. It’s been days you are unconscious.”


“What happen to the volleyball games? To Crowfire?” he burst out.


“Whoah. You seem so attach to them, my boy. My, it’s been years. But Toby calls here everyday to monitor you and Lava’s here every afternoon.” his mother said.


All of a sudden, he started to cry. His tears are dropping on the bed sheet. “They’re alive. They’re alive.”


His sob filled the room while he was gripping the quilts so hard.


The memory of the the future oracle slowly filled his track of thought. Chronos. Ares. Psyche. Zeus. Crowfire and Herring Gull. They....


They were all just a dream.


“You might end up thinking this was all a bad dream. Though, it’s nerve racking isn’t it?” he heard in his mind. The voice rose is familiar to him, but he can’t remember who it was.


Tom made it to stand up though he had few more broken bones to recover. He wore his old college uniform and made his way to school. He was just walking very still, slow in the middle of the street where only few people are walking. He saw the magazine store, which he thought the thing made his world upside down.



On the other side of the shelf there was a boy. It was Ash. Tom thought to greet him, but of course, that he returned from that nightmare, the boy would never really know him. On this time, he was the Little Giant and he knows his real team mate was the older brother of this guy.


The two of them met in gaze but they just nodded.


Tom left the magazine store and walked. After few more streets, he stopped at the foot of the stairs towards the sun shrine.


Tom continued to walk from that point he felt the breeze of the air through the canopy of trees of the sun shrine. It was a dream. That’s all it is. A dream.

He sighed a lot of times but he didn’t know why. Then grains of sweat started to ooze from his forehead and his chest constricted. Everything around him swirled then he fell on the ground.

“Are you alright, young man?” a middle aged man grabbed his arm and made him stand.

“Yes. Thank you. I just felt dizzy.” He replied while his hand is on his forehead.

The man said while he didn’t notice walking away, “By now, you might have gained your memories back then, Mr. Dylan.”

“Huh? What?” Tom replied and turned his head but the man was too far in the middle of the crowd.

Tom’s eyes caught a newspaper stand a few meters from where he is. He ran through it and grabbed the newspaper.

While reading with his eyes, his jaws trembled and his whole body shook. The newspaper was lost on his grip.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH………………………………..” he screamed then he ran away. He stumbled but he ran while screaming and crying very hard. People are stepping away from him until he reached the park.

“No. It can’t be. It can’t be true…… No………..” he shouted then grabbed his hair and pulled it. He hammered his head in the ground.

Then, he turned his head on the side and saw the arch. He cringed and creep slowly filled his nerves.


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