Volleyball and Death Games

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Chapter 7

As they walk, Tom stayed behind the man. They are walking at the streets of Hometown, and now approaching that public volleyball court he used to see everyday when he goes to school.

Crowfire. That was the man's name. And now, he was his regalia, and he is his master. Crowfire believes he was already dead. Is he really dead? He didn't think so. If that was what Psyche said to him, he might better believe it. But why would Crowfire hit him earlier when he said he remembers? Nothing is making any sense. For him, since things start to become out of ordinary, he should stick to what he has been told.

This isn't the past, he murmured in himself. But it is only one thing he was sure, it is another world, a different one from where he really was. He just thought it was impossible, but now, he was already here.

Crowfire stopped. He had a sudden grip on his phone. Tom bumped behind him.

“Tom, I know this is weird for you. Right know, you and me have a special connection, a bond that will last as long as I exist.” Crowfire said. He tilted his head aand continued, “So what you feel connects to me. If you are in pain, so I am. And when you are guilty, I got stung and have blights.”

Tom listened. The man was very gentle with his words, but Tom sensed the dread behind his lines, a cowering fear the man tries to keep all this time. He felt his trust, in contrary through him.

“Those blights, if I had more than I could bear, I’ll die. But we need to fight and survive. This world has been changed before you entered here. Please accept me as your new father, and I will take care of you.” Crowfire said. He stopped and looked him from behind.

Tom didn’t know how to respond. The more things he hears, the more everything doesn’t make sense.

"Another oracle holder." Crowfire mumbled. He heard his phone produced cracking digital sound. He saw the message right in the screen. He gritted his teeth. Sweat immediately ran through his forehead.

At that moment, Tom realized it was already dark. The only ones that give them light through out the way are the street lights. The two of them stopped right under a lamp post. The alleys are all silent but the wind howls while the breeze came over.

Tom looked at the dark alley. The light from the street light cannot reach it. From there, the two of them heard sounds. These are taps on the hard road. It was getting louder, and coming closer to them.

Tom peeked at Crowfire's phone and he saw this in the screen:

9.45: Crowfire calls his regalia as the enemy reveals in the light.
9.47: Crowfire attacked Lion King with Tom
9.49: Lion King flipped his body and drew his regalia, Simba.
9.51: Lion King stabbed Crowfire on his belly. Simba slices Crowfire's neck. Tom breaks in pieces.

"Wha-what?" Tom staggered backwards when he read the text message. It was already 9.44 in the evening according to Crowfire's phone.

Crowfire's hand was trembling. His body shakes while his teeth grit really hard. The sweat drips on his forehead despite the cold blow of air around him. Will I win this? The thought just uttered in his mind.

"We are not gonna lose. We beat Lion King in the nationals before." Tom immediately blurted out and put his palm on his master's back.

Crowfire took a deep breath and his eyes darted back to the screen. It was already 9.46. The messages changed.

9.47 Crowfire calls his Regalia.
9.48 Lion King attacks.
Then it blurs...

"Come Tom." Crowfire shouted.

A gust of air brushed behind him. A blurred shadow whizzed behind. The shadow hit his head. A slit passed through his forehead. Crowfire flipped his body and jumped in the air. His arms reached Tom as he turns into a sword blade. He grabbed him and landed rolling on the floor. He immediately bent his legs and sit while the sword blade is on his mouth.

"Oh, it is my first time seeing an oracle holder around here." At a short distance, a blonde man appeared and stepped on the light. He was wearing a maroon jersey jacket. On the left side of his jacket was a cross stitch, Lion King. He raised his hand and caught a boomerang flying with sharp blades on its two ends. He said, "It has been a long time since I have seen you, flightless chicken..."

Crowfire wiped his forehead with his arm. He didn't realize the blood gushing out from his head. He held his sword on his hand and stood.

"How long you have been an oracle holder, Lion King?" Crowfire said. His teeth still gnash. He looked at the man sharply.

"Oh, don't be so scared, my destined rival. It was just yesterday when I met that new reincarnation of Hera, Psyche." Lion King starts to take his steps, one by one every after his words until he was a meter close to Crowfire.

Tom as a sword can still read the messages from his master's phone.

9.58: Lion King plays his regalia boomerang behind his back while talking to Crowfire.
10.00: Crowfire dodges the boomerang. He jumped in the air and rolled again.
10.02: Lion King started to run towards Crowfire. Crowfire gripped Tom and waved it on Lion King.
10.04: Lion King dodged Crowfire but missed to get away further
10.05: Crowfire slashed Lion King's arms and stabbed his chest.


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