Volleyball and Death Games

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Chapter 11

Tom and Toby trembled. Their teeth gnashed as their eyes nailed on the boys at the end of that alley. All of them have a bad grin on their faces. Along with the spook of the night breeze, their silhouettes are like shadows slowly solidified from their eyes. The wind whistled,  their hairs brush on their heads.

"Cease them!" Once again the deep voice of the team captain rose above the atmosphere.

"R-run." Toby stammered, almost like a whisper.

Before he could let out another word, Toby's eyes caught Tom flashed on him. His body moved all by itself and followed Tom running right directly towards the trees of the manor.

He can hear the shouts of those boys behind him, and the sound of their feet galloping over the ground. He can't look back. He didn't know but, he was so frightened, like this had happened before to him. As he ran, the way becomes clearer for him. There was the manor's gate, right after the bunch of trees he was now approaching. Then he stopped. Tom was lost on his sight. He wobbled his head around, his eyes search for him. He was gone.

Then a rock shot on his head.

"Ahh." Toby dangled. His head shook. His sight was blinding. He touched his head and he felt a warm liquid touched his hand. It was blood.

He turned his head and few meters behind him are that crowd of boys who were holding rocks. Those boys tightened their grip on those rocks and whipped their arms in the air. Rocks rained on Toby. It hammered his arms, his head, his torso and his chest, leaving long slits because they were sharp. His head rung. He bounced to the ground and vomited out blood.

"Where's the Insignia?" Coal spoke out. He joggled the rocks on his hand.

"Look there he is!" Brimstone shouted. He pointed out his hand on the gate.

Tom was far away, standing in the middle of the open gate, bumping his hands and his head on the air, like there was an invisible wall in front of him. He kicked the air and punched many times. All their eyes were stuck on him until he drops on his knees. He leaned his body on the air and pushed it with his hand. It was Brimstone's force field.

"You are still powerful, Brimstone!" Coal remarked and tapped Brimstone's shoulder.

Toby lied on the ground almost losing his consciousness but he never lost his eyes on Tom. As far from he can picture, those boys ran through him. Hammer called Thunder and Thor in their regalia form. They immediately turned into a sniper rifle.

"Surrender now Insignia and spit out everything you know about this." Hammer stepped close to Tom. He pointed the mouth of the gun on Tom's back. Tom slowly raised his two arms above his shoulder. Hammer continued,"How did you get here? Who is your master? How do you know about us?"

Crap! Tom murmured in himself. He didn't know what to do. He knew this had happened similarly before, that Hammer rejected and he and Toby were banned them inside the gym for a while. He and Toby were scolded so much for the tantrums they caused. He wanted to feel it again, but not this extremely twisted that his former team mates will kill him. His team mates are never been this relentless towards violence, except that he is on another world. Will he really be killed? He began to feel unsuited for this. He had everything he had before. But he's here and there's no turning back.

"I told you I am newly summoned from the void." Tom answered quickly. The thoughts he got from his overhearing are the first to strike his mind, though he didn't understand what that means.

"Then why do you claim you remember? What do you remember?" Hammer asked softly. He pushed the gun mouth harder on his head. “I hope you understand that regalias who remember their past lives, put much grief into their hearts by the events surrounding their own death. Those collections of negative emotions translate into blights to their new master in this world, hence, killing the master in the most tortuous ways. So, what are you saying again?”

"Because I am different. I am not like you all." out of nowhere the words blurted from his mouth. His voice immediately downs its pitch.

"Then..." Hammer opened his mouth. The body of the gun pushed on Tom’s face.

The gun banged and the bullet flew up in the air. The gun mouth struck Tom’s nose. He bounced on the ground. But he dashed upward.

It was too late for Hammer too think. Tom just kicked the gun off his hand.

All of them startled. Tom's leg spread across Hammer's face. He threw his arms around him. Tom tilted his body as he lands on his two feet. His jump is his power. He had to use it, he thought.

The others started to attack Tom. They punched and kicked him everywhere. Tom's limbs kept on dashing, flashing, avoiding every hit. Tom was pushed over that invisible wall as the punch thrusts him. Then, a huge fist came, and hit his forehead. His back slammed, and blood jerked from his mouth. He choked and his blood splattered while he was falling. Coal held his shirt and threw him again against that wall. He slammed and bounced. Hammer while still on his back on the ground, pointed out the gun on Tom.


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