(what If This Is) The Only Chance You Get

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2: So The King Said "You Shall save The World" And I Was like Fuck That

Being able to preform magic on multiple people was a hoot. Especially when you're travelling somewhere. Well, E.T. can only teleport him and his party to a specific location if he's been there at least once before. He has to envision himself being at that location and that's hard to do if you've never been there. AnYwHo.

Instead of walking to the third world,-that's is where the King had resided-having been their on multiple occasions, E.T. just used spell Evac to teleport Jenix and himself to third world of Cottenwell. The second world was Famine. Each world was based off the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Pollution, War, Famine and Death. Each town and village name was the same in each world, just in different conditions based on their given names. Surprisingly, despite the four worlds being under the rule of one King, their game entire world altogether isn't on the brink of the apocalypse.

Instead, something greater is at stake according to the King. He didn't give off much details over the Scroll, in fear the conversation would be recorded, so E.T. had to go to the King herself in person with Jenix. E.T. was great friends with the king, being one of the youngest mages to master the spell Lux Via Portæ which was Latin for Light Gate Way. Or something. He was powerful, and was loyal, the King found that he could make him one of his Royal Knights, but of course, he had to leave everything behind.

E.T. refused. If it meant being without his best friend Jenix, than he didn't want to be in that kind of world.

"Ready?" E.T. smiled as he closed the door to his house.

"Yeah....uh where are we going?" Jenix asked as he walked to him with his hands behind his head.

"To see the King-where's your shoe?"

"The giant mud puddle down the road demanded a sacrifice."

E.T. sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Jesus Christ. Okay, uh, I didn't lock it yet. Go inside and change your socks and shoes."

"Shoe." Jenix corrected.

"Bless you."

"No-I meant change just my socks and shoe. Since I only got one now."

"Jenix! Just-arg! Go inside and hurry up! You're driving me crazy!" E.T. demanded.

Jenix raised his hands in surrender, "Sorry. I'm just teasing you."

Jenix doesn't wait for a reply as he walks up the steps and opens the door, closing it behind him once he got inside.

Anyway, back to E.T. He can preform a spell called Lux Via Portæ. Which allows him to open a gate way to heaven and make one request. But if at the time the request isn't pure, it won't come true. He's performed this once, and that was to-

"Okay, I'm ready!" Jenix interrupted E.T's thoughts with a bright smile.

"That was fast," E.T. smirked.

"Heyit'scompletelynormal!" Jenix blushed and rushed his words.

E.T. was a bit confused, "What?"

"Ugh! Never mind! Let's just go," Jenix huffed, crossing his arms.

E.T. hummed and closed his eyes, hiding those bright silver iris's of his. He focuses his magic towards himself and towards Jenix. He clasped his hands together and kept his index finger and middle finger out, having them lay against each other, he had his thumbs crossed as well. E.T. touched his nose very lightly with his index fingers and felt a a burst of light coursing through his veins. And with the slight gasp that had escaped Jenix, he could only imagine he felt it too.

Then there was nothing.

For a moment, only for a moment, E.T. felt dead. He couldn't feel anything, he couldn't see, couldn't hear, couldn't taste the saliva in his mouth, couldn't smell. He couldn't breathe. But only for a moment. Then it all came back like getting hit by a car. It was instantaneous.

He opened his eyes as soon as he could, pulling his hands from his nose and putting them to his side. He was used to the sensitivity of his 5 senses, the sudden fullness in his lungs after using Evac, but Jenix wasn't. Jenix fell to his hands and knees, taking in deep breaths, coughing every now and then.

After about 20 seconds, he shook his head as he slowly got back up, "Why couldn't we have used Zoom?"

E.T. took in his bearings and saw they were a couple of yards from the castle gates, "'Cause we can travel farther with Evac. Quit being a lil' bitch and get up."

Jenix grumbled a quiet "fuck you" before dusted off his knees.

E.T. gave Jenix a quick once over. Jenix had tan shorts that reached his knees and a black T-shirt. His black hair was short, shaggy, and wavy. His height was around 5'9-5'10. His eyes were light brown; E.T's stared at them admittedly more times than he can count to say they have specks of gold in the iris. Though, Jenix had slightly dark rings under his eyes. His tan skin was a bit dark, but only because he's out fighting with E.T. most days. The 22 year old male was attractive, but E.T. could never go for it, he was grey-romantic.

E.T. shook his head as a light blush dusted his cheeks. Whatever. He doesn't need romance right now. He was only 23, he had years ahead of him. Well, really, he had forever ahead of him.

"E.T?" Jenix looked at her with a concerned look.

"Ah," He shakes his head again before walking to the gates, "Sorry. Let's go."

"I guess." Jenix walks a bit quickly to catch up.



"E.T! Jenix! So good to see you two!" A loud male voice calls from a golden throne.

"King Major," E.T. bows.

Jenix doesn't bow, "Why did you call out to me second?"

E.T. rolled his eyes as he stands up right, "Because he hates you."

"How are you doing, Jenix? I haven't seen you in a long while!" King Major smiled as he leaned back in this chair.

The two of them were standing on the red carpet in the middle of the throne room. Two guards standing beside the chair.

"Um..." Jenix stutters.

"Jenix! Say good!" E.T. muttered.


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