What Went Missing!!!

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So where we ? Yeah , It's been six years now , Mike is sitting on the porch of Nicole's house where the three used to hang a lot ,of course no was living at it anymore , Nicole's dad left the whole town after the police told him he shouldn't have any hope to see his daughter again and that probably she would be dead by now.

He was remembering all their memories , how they were so innocent and happy in spite of everything was going with them or at least that's how he remembered it , he kept thinking of all that happened to him throughout the past years he was planning to get scholarship to enter medical school with Courtney and he was so excited to become a doctor one day like they both managed to go to same college , his life was so much better now than it was in middle and high school he was staying in New York and he had a beautiful girl waiting for him to return but in spite of all these achievements he had always felt there was something missing in his life , he just couldn't understand what it was.

It was raining heavily when he was deeply thinking so he decided to leave but he saw a girl almost of his same age who was carelessly dressed walking slowly towards him as if walking was difficult for her , he had wierd feeling when he saw her but before he said any word , she fell on the ground and was knocked out.


Mike pulled her inside the house ,that was so dusty and out of lights where he had to switch the lights of his cellphone to see but he wanted to take her away from the rain, she looked exhausted as if she had a fight with someone or was running long enough in the rain, Mike couldn't help but stare at her till she regain her consciousness "Who are you ?" She asked him as soon as she opened her eyes , she was so scared by how he was looking at her.

"Actually I think I should be the one who ask that question" he replied to her , he was so eager to find out who's that mystery girl but she didn't help him "I.. I don't know , I feel like I can't remember anything "

she was trying to get up but he prevented her to let her have some rest first

"It's okay just lay down a while till you feel you can get up " She kept looking around her in the house

"I feel I know that place" she said making Mike more confused about her and she added to his confusion by another sentence "Why I feel like I know you?" That was wierd because Mike was thinking the same thing about her

"Okay I think I can get up now , I just want to sit on a chair or something "

"Sure let me help you" he took her hand and took her to one of the chairs it was full of dust so he kept tapping on it for a while before she sat on it "So you remember anything now ?" Mike asked with huge curiosity

"Yeah the last thing I remember is that I ran away from the house , I met some new people then nothing I don't what happened then "

"Do you know your name ?" Mike was asking with eager as if he wanted to hear specific answer "Of course my name is Nicole Nicole Pilson" He got stunned by the answer , is it really possible after all these years , they did look alike but could it be true , he didn't want to hung up on fake hope but he wanted to believe it so much too

"Who are you ?" Nicole asked wierdly

"I'm Mike "

"I've known one Mike in my life he was my buddy"

He couldn't help it but his eyes were full of tears as he now knew that it was definitely her ,he looked at her with his watery eyes and smilled "I believe it's me"

"No way you're too much older than him "

"Nicole may I ask you a question ?" she didn't get why that stranger guy was talking intimately with her "How long have you been away from your house ?"

"Not that it's of your business but I don't know like a couple of weeks I guess" He looked at the floor with disappointment not knowing how to break her the news that she went missing for much longer than that so took the rest of the night proving to her that he was Mike the same guy she knew and explaining to her that she was gone for many years once he made her look at the mirror to see the differene, she believed him and started crying heavily,he took her to cry in his arms where and confront her .

And just like that the miracle had happened and Nicole was back.

"You know, it's a small town " the girl in the empty room stood up and started talking with excitement , and said "just like that" snapping her finger " the next morning everyone had known about the girl who came from the dead after all these years , to be honest I don't know how it happened but I believe that Mike called her father in the morning who told someone else and so on ,anyway her father couldn't believe what he heard and he came to check himself , when he saw her he couldn't help his tears and he hugged her so deeply and didn't want to let go of her as if he wanted to make sure that this time it's real , it was sentimental" the girl was clearly talking in a sarcastic way then she approached what it seemed to be a white bed and sat on it and looked up at the ceiling and took a breath and continued her talking "I'm sorry I hope you don't mind my sarcasm I'm just not into those emotional stuffs very much" then she got up of the bed in rapid way and continued talking in some sort of crazy manner in such a way like in mysterious old shows when they were investigating a crime and wanted to keep the audiences thrilled about finding out who's the murderer and it's always turns out to be the least person you suspected and said " Anyway I know you might think this was the end but trust me it was just the beginning" and laughed hysterically .

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