What Went Missing!!!

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When Mike used to fall asleep like that while studying Nicole and Cortney used to call him to wake him up , he was sort of heavy sleeper everybody knew that and in the morning the phone did rang and woke him up "it does really look like old days" he thought , except for the small tiny difference was that the one who was calling him this time was his girlfriend , he stared at his phone for a while not knowing whether to answer it or not hoping it would stop ringing any second because even if he answered what he was really supposed to say? , but if he didn't answer what would be his excuse so he decided to answer it anyway "Hey honey" he said in his sleepy voice, yeah I miss you too ...no I miss you but I hardly miss college...yeah everything is fine , she's better now , sure.. I'll let her know , yeah.. don't worry , okay.. talk to you later .." he wanted to hang up as soon as possible before she ended the call saying "I love you",

because he didn't want to reply to that. He couldn't stop thinking that ever since Nicole returned he'd been muddled , a week ago everything in his life was mapped, his college , his girlfriend he was so much in love with her , he actually was thinking that she would be the one who would end up with her , things were so clear maybe he wasn't totally satisfied by them but at least he knew what he wanted to do and he knew how his life was gonna be, but now he couldn't explain what it was , he didn't know what it was , but every time he saw Nicole he used to feel he's 14 again , and he loved that feeling , "This town really is capable of turning you 14 again.. well I can't waste the whole day, over thinking it will lead me to nothing so I should get up any way " he thought. So he decided to leave the bed finally and leave his thoughts too and take shower to go see his best friend and only time could show him what all those mixed up feelings could mean.

Nicole didn't have cell phone so Mike couldn't call her which gave Mike the idea of throwing a rock at her window to inform her that he's here like when they were kids , she opened her window with her pj as soon as she saw him a big smile was drawn on her face and her eyes were brightened with excitement "Why didn't you just knock on the door ?" She yelled.

"Yeah I prefer it that way , come on go get dressed , I want to show you something " he yelled waving with his hand.

"Okay hang on" When she got down he opened her the door of his car

"Thanks a lot so where are you taking me ?"

"You'll see" As he was driving he started talking to her "So when you said the town didn't change , what you meant by that ?"

"I mean they still care about the non important details neglecting the important events , you know that a girl was curious what I was eating all those years " she said sarcastically Mike laughed and said "no kidding , this town is crazy "

"I know" Nicole was laughing too.

"But you've got to cut her a slack, you are so famous here now , you know like a famous celebrity that got back from Rehab"

"Yeah tell me about it, I'm the girl who came from the dead, and the biggest thing they could do for me giving me free breakfast once a week" they both laughed again.

"I mean give me a break , I don't even remember what happened in those years "

"You know if you thought about it , it's not really a bad thing "

"Yeah?.. how's that ?"

"You know how sometimes everyone wishes to have a time machine and go back in time ? You sort of got that opportunity "

"Yeah , what if those years were the good ones ?" "Then you can always catch up" Mike was talking in a very convincing way which made Nicole feel that he truly believed that , he stopped the car in a middle of a totally empty road "And here we are " he said excitedly

"Here in the middle no where ? Are you trying to kidnap me?"

"Actually thinking about it that would be more cool but no" he made a joke to make her smile and she did "No you're catching up" he told her handing her the car keys with that charming smile of his.

"Well I don't want to brag about it but I'm really a good driver and today my lady I'm gonna pass on you some of my experience "

"Well thanks a lot sir for your humble gesture but I'll pass, I don't know if I can do it "

"Come on sure you can , and this is where exactly my dad taught me how to drive , so ready ?!" he said with excitement.Nicole thought about it then said with thrill"Okay ready"

"Okay you already know the basics but you didn't actually do it before so just go"

She sat in the driver seat while he sat next to her and after few minutes of very low speed like in slow motions followed by few minutes of very high speed she finally managed to sort of drive in good way and she felt so liberated while driving and the sun reflected on her face , some peaceful moment she had there "Wow I love it" she said with excitement.

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