What Went Missing!!!

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When Nicole got down they went to have breakfast in that coffee shop they used to go to , Courtney kept looking at Nicole and at her clothes they looked so out dated and totally didn't match "you know Nicky? our next stop is to go shopping "

"I'm totally in" Nicole said with excitement

"And I'm totally out" Mike said

Both girls laughed

"You know I could even drive" Nicole said


"Yeah Mike here taught me how to drive " Courtney felt like something was burning in her heart she faked a smile and said "wow looks like Mike here was taking good care of you"

"He's an amazing friend"

"Tell me about it" They continued their breakfast silently and Courtney looked really annoyed but Nicole didn't get what was with her till they saw something from the past that broke that silence "Oh my God is that James?" James was the most popular and attractive guy back then in their school he was the quarterback typical right? And of course who would date the quarterback if it's not the cheerleader.. Blair, Blair the witch..the cheerleader and the leader of the popular girls remember the mean girls I told you about yeah those are them, James was also mean to Mike at school what can I say he was the black widow mate after all what you expect from him so when Nicole saw him she knew they all would look with hatred at him or at least that how she expected "Wow man what are you doing here?" Mike said who got of his chair and came close to him to welcome him warmly.

"Hey James it's been ages since we saw you" Courtney hugged him and kissed him on his cheeks "Yeah I'm visiting my dad for couple of days and I'll head back to college miss you guys" he seemed really happy to see them, Nicole on the other hand didn't get anything of what was going on but her last memories of James were all the mean things he did to them maybe he wasn't the mastermind but it was enough for her that he was dating it but she didn't get why her friends were being so friendly to him

So she kept standing still in her place, so stunned by what she saw.

"So who's the girl?" James was implying at Nicole. "You won't believe it that's Nicole" Courtney said happily.

"Nicole who?"

"Nicole our friend"

"No way she came back and they say miracles don't happen" James was so surprised of course.

They all approached their table so that James can say Hi "Hi Nicole don't you remember me?" James said giving her his hand to shake her hands but she didn't move her hands

"No I remember you very well" she said coldly while his hands remained for a while till she decided to touch his hands to greet him but she didn't do more than that she then left them to go to the ladies room without saying any word. Courtney went after her and found her sitting on the floor pulling her knees against her chest and her hands on her ear and moving vigorously. "Please stop" Nicole said

Courtney got close to her and put her hands on her shoulder and said compassionately "Stop what Nicole?"

"That noise"

"What noise?, no body is talking " Nicole looked at her , with her widened eyes and seemed like she was in huge pain. "The screams please stop those screams I can't handle them anymore" Courtney understood that Nicole is seeing something that she can't see maybe she was remembering something from her past, something she can't get rid of or get past of it, something she can't simply let go so she hugged her strongly and told her "okay don't worry everything will be fine..everything will be fine now"

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