What Went Missing!!!

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"Why you're sitting here?" He wondered Nicole was sitting on the front steps of the house in her sleep wear looking at nothing.

"Hey Mike I didn't mean to scare you " Nicole said quietly and looked at him then went back to the nothing view.

"No it's okay" he sat beside her.

"Courtney is sleeping upstairs and I thought of having some fresh air"

"Aren't you cold, it's little bit cold out here" Mike noticed that she wasn't even wearing a jacket how couldn't she be cold at that time.

"No I'm okay, I've been thinking of what you told me"

"Yeah it was terrible accident that took away 5 poor people"

"Poor people?" Nicole stopped her quietness and started talking intensely while she looked at him "The only thing I'm sorry for is that the 6th person survived"

"Nicole what are you saying?" Mike said refusing how Nicole spoke in hatred about dead people and how could she be happy for the death of anyone at all.

"What I'm saying? ,what are you saying , do you really believe they changed , they were pure evil pure evil doesn't change , I bet they were acting nice to you because something was forcing them to"

"Like what?"

"I don't know, but it is just matter of time till James get back to his nature" Mike had a weird look on his face by what she was saying.

"They have always caused me horror, they were the reason I decided to disappear, the last time I saw them I still remember it like yesterday, I was in the bathroom in the school washing my hands when Blair and her two followers came and see me as usual the first thing I did when I used to see them was getting of their way but Blair pushed me more with her shoulders that I hit the light switch and said with her scary voice "Be careful Nicole you shouldn't touch the switch without drying your hands first? , you know what happens when water touches bare electric wires? It gets so painful" and she whispered in my ears then they left laughing at me. I spend the whole day terrified of what they could be planning for me but I couldn't take it so I decided to run away"

Mike was listening to Nicole and saw that her eyes became watery "Did they cause you that burn?" She cleared her throat and said "No that was an old one, they may have done lots to me but they weren't guilty of that" she said with emotional tears.

"Come here" Mike put his arms around her and told her "It's okay you're safe now, nobody can do anything to you, okay?" then he kissed her forehead and leaned his head on hers.

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