What Went Missing!!!

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So Mike kept remembering all these memories till he reached at Nicole's. Nicole was still in the shower when Courtney got a text from Mike that he's on his way "Hey Nicky do you have a small mirror I need one" Courtney called out for Nicole. "Yeah I guess, check one of the drawers "Nicole answered from the shower Nicole had 4 drawers in her cupboard Courtney tried to open the first one but it was locked, she thought that was weird so she tried to open the next one but found it locked too, which increased her curiosity and made her want to open them by force or search for the key but Nicole got out from the bathroom with her towel around her hair "What are you doing?" She said in scary tone.

"I..I was trying to open them"


"To find the mirror"

"Yeah? If you didn't find it in the first one check the next one"

"I did but the next one was locked too"

"That's weird I only remember locking only one..well then check the third one Courtney it's not that hard"

Nicole opened the third one and found the mirror and gave it to her "see" she said.

"Why you lock them anyway?" Courtney asked curiously.

"I used to keep in them my personal things you know girly stuffs" Nicole started to talk normally again "but I lost the keys and I can't open them anymore"

Courtney didn't buy it, if it was only girly stuffs why she freaked out like that when she saw her trying to open them but she decided to change the subject "By the way, Mike is on the way " Courtney said.

"Okay the bathroom is yours now" Nicole said Nicole stared at the drawers with concern then closed the cupboard with relief.

Nicole Bristow 101

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Story about: romance, suspence, small town

Edited: 01.03.2019

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