What Went Missing!!!

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Nicole's date with Owen was getting so close and since she didn't have much to wear that would suitable for going out, Courtney decided to take her to buy some clothes While Mike decided to go out with James before he left town.

"Listen you go try this, and this, yeah this would be good too, and that one, till I continue looking for others" Courtney said while selecting many things for Nicole to try in the fitting room.

"All that and others?" Nicole asked.

"Trust me we're just getting started" Courtney said.

"I still can't believe that Mike would go out with James like that" Nicole said while she was in the fitting room.

"He's in some place nearby whenever we need to go, we'll call him to pick us"

"No I mean I can't believe you're still friends with him after all our history" Nicole got out of the fitting room "what you think?" Nicole asked about what she was wearing.

"Nice now try the other one" then Courtney continued "but you just said Nicky, history, that was years ago plus James is really a good guy" Nicole started to talk with some tension "If you really forgot that good guy locked Mike many times in the bathroom and he hit him so hard once which lead him to the hospital and may I remind you in our last year he told Blair that I hit on him which made her started this rumor about me" "I get you but we were all stupid in school, people change"

"Those kind of people don't and I don't think that our hot quarterback does, I can't believe I used to have crush on him"

"Take it easy on you, he was the hottest guy in our school, every girl was attracted to him" Courtney said.

Nicole got out again "what about those?" she said.

"Those are nice too"

"Good because I'm starting to get dizzy"

"Okay I'll go pay for those and call Mike while you change back"

"Okay" Nicole went to the fitting room again not getting why these headaches keep coming back like that.

While Courtney was calling Mike to pick them up, she was waiting for Nicole but she took long time to get dressed, in fact not only her, Mike also was getting so late.

"Nicky I don't know what is taking Mike so long?..I'll go out and try him again" Courtney came back and Nicole wasn't out of the fitting yet.

"Mike is not answering ..Nicole..Nicole why you're not answering too..Nicole are you okay in there?" Courtney kept calling her but Nicole didn't answer which made her worry so she opened her fitting room, and found her lying on the ground, it took a short while till she regained her consciousness. "What happened?" Nicole asked with fade voice "You fainted, what happened?"

"I don't know, last thing I remember I was so dizzy then nothing, I guess I blacked out" Courtney's phone rang.

"Mike is finally calling" she answered "where have you been?"Courtney shouted at him for letting her all that time.

"Don't panic but I'm in the hospital" Mike said while lying on the bed in the hospital and James with him in the room.

"What?" Courtney panicked.

"I got hit by some motorcycle and broke my arm but nothing to worry, everything is fine, they just want me here to run further tests"

"Okay we're coming to you" And she hanged with him.

"What's wrong?" Nicole asked.

"Mike broke his arm"

"What?" Nicole said shockingly "How this happened?" She asked.

"He said some motorcycle hit him, I didn't get it" Courtney said.

"We're going to him right?" Nicole asked.

"Yeah we'll go see him now don't worry" Nicole felt worried about Mike and she had feeling that this shouldn't be happening at all not to Mike, not to someone she cared about so much.

Nicole Bristow 101

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