What Went Missing!!!

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It was the first time for Nicole to go out with a guy.

Courtney and Mike were sitting on the couch playing cards while Nicole was getting ready for her date.

"Why don't you help her?" Mike said while drawing a card.

"I told her but she said she'll try to do it herself this time, she looked at some videos for makeup and stuffs and she'll just imitate them" Courtney said while looking at cards in her hand and then said "full house..I won".

"Oh come on, have some pity on me I play with one arm here" Mike's arm was not completely healed from that accident.

"Not an excuse, not an excuse" she said in bragging tone.

"Oh really?"

"You just hate the fact that you got beaten by a girl" Courtney said teasing him.

Nicole was going downstairs, she looked really pretty wearing a slightly short but not very revealing dress, and she did manage to put make up by herself and this time she put on a not very high heels so she could walk freely with it "So guys don't sugar coat it for me be honest how I look?" Nicole asked.

"You look great" Courtney said.

"You look nice" Mike tried to act cool but Courtney was watching his facial expression.

"I'll go get some water"

"You have a glass of water in front of you" Courtney told him which made him feel embarrassed.

Mike laughed and said "That is funny"

trying to cover his instability when he saw Nicole.

"See Nicole Mike agrees with me and he too thinks that you really look pretty today" Courtney was smiling while saying that but she was totally mad about it.

"Really? Thanks Mike..I'm so freaking out" Nicole said nervously.

They heard a car parking outside the house. "Owen is here wish me luck" Nicole said with excitement and left the house While Mike saw her leaving he couldn't think except in one thing, "it should've been me"

Courtney was noticing all that about him not just that day but she was noticing it from the very beginning the way he used to look to Nicole, the smile drawn on his face and the sparkle in his eyes every time she entered the room, the overprotection, all that was crystal clear to her but she was always ignoring it, she cleared her throat to draw his attention "So you want to continue the game?"

"Sure" he said.

"So where are we going?" Nicole asked while Owen was driving.

"Well I thought to take you dinner first, there's some place I know, it's nice and simple and I think you're gonna like it" He said smiling at her.

"I thought we were going to your club"

"Yeah I thought about it at first but I think it'll be such a cliché if we spent the evening there"

Nicole smiled to him and said "yeah maybe you're right"

While Mike and Courtney were playing cards, she found him spacing out so many times.

"Let's take a break" she said.

"Good idea, the many painkillers I'm taking started to work strongly"

Fine, I'll go make myself something to eat ,want anything?" Courtney said.

"No thanks" Courtney went over to the kitchen but kept her eyes over Mike who was looking at the window almost all the time, clearly he was waiting for Nicole to come back, being with Owen not knowing how far they could go, how would hug her, would he kiss her, will it be more than that, would they get married one day?"

It was driving him crazy and trying not to show it and act normally was making him even crazier.

"So what you think of Owen?"Courtney asked, because Mike's thoughts weren't the only that were killing him, Courtney's thoughts were about to make her go nuts, she felt she wanted to hit the wall or break the mirror anything like that if it would make her stop doubting her relationship with Mike, at that time she had passed the part where she was jealous and she reached where she wanted to be sure of all what was going on no matter what. She couldn't handle the demons of doubts that were eating her from inside anymore, she wanted the truth no matter how hurtful it could be.

"I didn't meet him, you were practically the one who set them up" Mike said like he was blaming her for that.

"No not really but I thought they clicked"

"Good" Mike kept trying to hide his feelings and act fine.

"So Nicole tell me why I feel that you look familiar?"Owen asked while they were having dinner, Nicole was cutting her chicken.

"Don't you read newspaper?"

"No not really"

"I'm the girl who came from the dead in a miraculous way, it was all in the news" Nicole said in irony.

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