What Went Missing!!!

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Twenty Three

Nicole was trying to wake Mike up.

"Mike...Mike...wake up"

I told you before Mike was a heavy sleeper so it took her some time till he finally was awake. "What's up babe" He said in a sleepy tone.

"I need to tell you something" Nicole sounded very serious.

"Can't it wait till tomorrow?" Mike said while yawning.

"No" She said firmly so he straightened up and asked with worry "What's going on?"

"I remembered a lot of what happened in the past years"

"That's great honey"

"No not really, I don't think you'll like what you'll hear but I need you not to interrupt me so I can be able to say everything" she said in hesitating tone "Sure" Mike started to get worried.

"Okay remember I told you that when I left the house I didn't know where to go or what to do" "Yeah, then you met that girl Bonnie"

"Exactly Bonnie was so cool, we had so much fun, she was amazing or at least that's what I thought at the beginning"

Nicole was talking so quickly out of the nervousness.

"One day I made a stupid mistake, and I told her about Blair, she told me that they must pay, I didn't get what she meant, I thought she was joking but then she suggested to started watching Blair and all her gang, their moves everything and I agreed"

Mike started to listen carefully to her while she continued "And then things got more and we started sending them threatening messages, I just wanted them to feel the fear they put me into, and I thought that was it but I didn't know what Bonnie was capable of, till she told me that she messed with the brakes of their car, I tried to stop it but it was too late" Nicole's eyes started to get watery.

Mike at that time connected what Courtney had said about her not getting surprised by the accident because she already knew about it, even if she wasn't really remembering it, yet it was in her mind.

"After that I had a big fight with Bonnie, she hit me so hard, that I fell on the ground and lost conscious and then I swear Mike I remember nothing about the next years, but that was the last time I saw Bonnie" Nicole was being so emotional and she cried very hard.

Mike tried to calm her down by hugging her and said "It's okay… it's okay, of course I believe you but you have to tell the cops about it, so they can go after her"

"I can't" she was crying even more and said "They won't believe me, how they could believe that I regained my memory after I told them before, that I remember nothing, they might even think that I'm the one who did it" she said in sobbing tone. "But you can't let her get away like that" Mike was trying to convince her.

"You don't know her Mike or what she's capable of, she could be everywhere and nowhere...I can't believe I let all this happen" Nicole broke down, and cried again.

Mike took her in his arms "Ssh, I'm here now and I won't let anyone or anything hurt you"

"Okay" She said

"No really, I mean it" He said with strict tone "Look at me Nicole, I will never lose you again, I won't let this happen no matter what it takes..Don't worry we'll figure it out"

Nicole was so terrified but being in Mike's arms made her feel safe as usual till she fell asleep, Mike stayed awake a while thinking of all what she said then he slept too.

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