What Went Missing!!!

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Twenty Four

Courtney on the other hand was in her break up stage, sometimes she wanted to move on with her life and forget about everything, other time she watched romantic movies ate big bowl of ice cream and whine on her miserable life and sometimes do nothing at all, like a normal girl after break up but one day she was watching the TV, and she saw they were showing Age of Ultron, and to her luck it was specifically the scene that Nicole mentioned before, she watched that scene carefully, then she tried google to see something and as she expected, that movie was released like three years ago, which was the time that Nicole was supposedly being missing and she claimed that she didn't remember anything about it, how she managed to describe the scene like that, Courtney had already decided to neglect all her suspicious thoughts about Nicole but that was the nail in the coffin especially after remembering that Nicole described James as the hot quarterback but James wasn't the quarter until high school how she knew that too? She couldn't take it anymore, so she decided to go to the beginning where everything started to try to figure out what's going on, and the only one she thought could help her was the one who witnessed the beginning, so she called James and said she wanted to meet him and they did agreed on a day to meet to talk for a while.

Nicole Bristow 101

#124 in Thrillers & Suspense
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Story about: romance, suspence, small town

Edited: 01.03.2019

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