What Went Missing!!!

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Twenty Seven

While Courtney was making her own detective work, Mike and Nicole were doing the same too trying to find where Bonnie was before she could do them any bad, you might think that this would hold Bonnie from living freely but you're so wrong.

I haven't really seen Bonnie before, I only knew her from Nicole's description as I said before she was blonde, hot, she used always to dress in leather that added more to her sexiness which could drive lots of guys crazy, so she fooled around a lot with many guys but she never reached the third base if you get what I mean? She loved to torture people just for fun, she was bold and had no rules at all, so she almost feared nothing, and got nothing to lose which was the scariest thing about her.

She loved to go out at night more than in day light like a vampire so even searching Mike for her and trying to haunt her down didn't stop her from having the fun she wanted.

She took her motorcycle and went to that same club that Owen owns.

As soon as she entered the place, she acted wild and went straight to Owen who recognized her when he saw her from the times she came with Nicole.

"Hey stranger" Owen said in flirting way.

"Hey sexy" she replied in sexy tone, then she got her lips closer to his and kissed him so wildly not caring for anyone around her.

"Won't you at least tell me what brought you now?" He said it in a way as if he was under her spell.

"Shhh" she put her finger on his lips as a sign of telling him not to speak a lot and said "Don't spoil the moment" then she took him to the dance floor saying "Come here let me spin your world for a while" and they started dancing so wildly and passionately as if the song were made for them and that would be their last dance. What do think? she liked him? I don't think Bonnie has ever liked anyone but everything she was doing, was doing it for fun and fun only. She had few drinks and sat with him for a while then left without giving any notes.

Then she took out her phone and had some phone calls and send some texts before she headed to Nicole's house to continue ruining her life.

Bonnie wanted to end what she came for, what was her aim? Honestly I don't really know but most of the things she used to do, I never really knew what was her target, I should tell you, she's a complicated person, you shouldn't really try to understand her, but all I can tell you is that she has been and will always be like the fire trying to burn anything and every one comes near to her, the problem is that when this fire is very big, not even a river can put it out, it's unstoppable.

Nicole Bristow 101

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