What Went Missing!!!

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Thirty One

Courtney started then remembering that day they were looking for Nicole.

And what happened in it

Courtney and Mike arrived "Here at that lake?" Courtney said with weirdness. "Yes perfect place for someone to die" He quoted what Nicole said before when they were there.


"Nothing, now let's search for anyplace, where someone can hide in"

"I think there is a cave somewhere, they used to call it lover's cave because, many lovers used to come"

"You mean that cave?"Mike pointed at a cave near the lake.

They both entered.

"Oh my God that's Nicole father" Courtney said with very low pointing at a man that was taped to a chair away from them. "And that's James next to him" Mike said when he saw James taped too. "Who's that lady?" Courtney asked as she saw a woman next to them.

"Based on what we read in the diary I can guess" Mike said.

Then they both saw a blonde girl wearing black leather pants and leather shirt and holding a gun in her hand.

"I guess that's Bonnie" Courtney said.

She turned her face and they were astonished when they saw how she looked.

"Oh my God that's Nicole?" Courtney said in shock. "Since when Nicole dress like that? And why she's wearing a blonde wig?"

Mike stared at Nicole for a while, he arranged all the events that happened, in his mind then it seemed like he cracked the code. "Because this is Bonnie" He said quietly.

"No Mike don't you? See this is Nicole"

Mike looked at her and said "Trust me, this Bonnie" Courtney understood exactly what he meant.

"Is that even possible?" Courtney couldn't believe it.

Mike took deep breath and looked so sad.

"Okay Mike now we have to call the cops"

"No way, they may put her in jail or even kill her" "Mike I agreed with you before but this time we don't know what we're dealing with"

"She's still our friend"

"Who's holding a gun towards three people, one of them is her father" Courtney said.

"Just trust me, I can handle this" then he moved towards them.

"Mike what you're doing?" Courtney whispered calling him.

When he got so close, the three of them had there hands taped and so were their mouths, and Nicole was looking at them with huge grudge in her eyes.

"What's that voice?" Nicole said and aimed her gun towards Mike.

"It's okay, it's me" He said assuring her.

"Oh God!" She said angrily "why you always mess with my plans?" She said in furious tone.

"Nicole I'm here for you"

"Well guess what, Nicole isn't here, so why don't you come back later" she waved her hands mocking him "And don't call me that" she said pointing with her finger as a sign of warn.

"Okay, Bonnie right?" He tried to ease her "Why you're doing this?"

"Because that was the plan" She said with crazy evil tone.


"You know? I don't really have time for that" she said and pointed her gun back at her father and the others.

"You can harm Nicole that way" he said.

"Don't you get it? I'm doing all that for Nicole, she came to me years ago, because those people" and she pointed to them "messed her life, and she was too weak to face them"

"But you'll go to jail"

"No sweetie, I don't go to jail" she said confidently. "I killed Blair and her stupid followers and managed to get away with it, it's not really killing, you can call it a cleansing process, I'm doing it for Nicole but does she even give me any gratitude?" She said angrily "that's why when I'm done I'll get her out, and live my life, like I did before I had about 3 years free from Nicole, but this time, I decided it'll be forever without this drama queen" She was talking in a crazy way that scared everyone around her.

"Then why care to kill them? If you're going to leave her anyway"

"Because they deserve it, you don't know how much pain they put her in" she was talking furiously.

"No, I know, I read your diary, I mean her diary" Mike said compassionately.

"So you know that her precious father got her mother killed"

"Nic...Bonnie listen to me, he regrets it so much" "Yes and he should because his selflessness costed the life of Rachel, right Jack?" Nicole got closer to her father and shouted in his face, just reminding him of that, made him cry of regret, because what happened was that Rachel was suffering from paranoia, and was taking medicine for that, but one day she found out that her husband was having an affair with their neighbor, to him it was a stupid mistake, that he did to escape everything in his life, but when she faced him, he denied it completely, not only that, he made her doubt herself and that it's just imagination, she tried to believe him but she kept struggling between the truth she knew and the truth he told her, at last she couldn't deal with all that anymore and she killed herself, unfortunately Nicole saw her while taking that many pills to get herself killed but Nicole was too young to understand what she was doing, till she died.

Nicole Bristow 101

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