What Went Missing!!!

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Thirty Two

Courtney had those memories like flashbacks before she was called to testify too, she was so nervous to go too especially after she had seen how James couldn't handle it and he felt like the prosecutor was cornering him.

Nicole's father was also having flashbacks but not about that night but about the day after the interrogation.

He went over to visit that woman to ask her to testify in her daughter's case.

"Please Jessica, I need your help" Jack was begging her.

"You know Jack I can't do that, this would ruin my life" She said with sorry.

"But it's my daughter who's paying for our stupid mistake"

"Trust me Jack, I really want to help her, but I'm married and doing that may not for sure help her but will definitely open the hell gates for me.

He remembered all that while sitting in court feeling how bad the situation of Nicole.

Courtney stood at the stand and round two began.

"Miss Hill, How long have you known Miss Pilson?" said the defense lawyer.

"For about three years"

"In those three years, have you seen any violent action from her?"


"Were you good friends?"

"Yes" "How can you describe her as a friend?" "One of the best, helpful, supportive, kind"

"Have you noticed any changes in her throughout the three years?"

"I'm sorry I don't understand"

"Have you seen her in some state then without any reason, it changed?"

"Yes sometimes she looked so happy and full of life, then it changed out of sudden, and the opposite"

"Have in anytime ever she mentioned that she wanted to have revenge of Blair or anyone who annoyed her?"

"No" "According to knowing her, do you think she could be a cold blooded killer?"

"No way"

"Thanks a lot Miss Hill, the witness is yours"

"Miss Hill?" The prosecutor said. This scared Courtney so much of what he was planning for her.

"Yes" she cleared her throat

"You said you were good friends, right?"


"So, that friendship was based on what exactly?" He said making fun of her.

"Objection your honor he's disrespecting the witness"

"Sorry, I mean you tell each other almost everything, right?"


"So have she told you about her father, the cruelty of Blair, all those things written in her diary?"


"But you're good friends, in my time good friends made that, but maybe I'm too old"

He said sarcastically.

"Thanks Miss Hill, you're dismissed" Courtney left to James with the same disappointment he had on his face.

"I really wish Mike was here" Courtney said.

"I know" James said.

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