What Went Missing!!!

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Thirty Three

Nicole's father wasn't called for testimony, Nicole's lawyer thought it won't help, especially that he doesn't remember anything while he was drunk.

She didn't call their neighbor either, because her testimony won't be any good to Nicole if didn't harm her.

"Then what happened?" The dark man asked the red hair girl.

"You know, the trial lasted for few weeks" It was so stressful to everyone.

"I don't think I can get more stressful" Courtney said.

"I know I was supposed to leave to college but I feel I can't go, till it's all over" James said.

"And when it's going to be over?"Courtney said wondering.

"I think the right question here how it's gonna be over?"

"Where's Mike now, he so close to be called" James said in worry

. "You know ever since, he goes every day" Courtney said.

"Yeah, he should know that being here now, is more useful"

"I'll call him again" said Courtney "He's not answering, probably he's still there"

Mike was sitting in the hospital by Nicole's bed while Courtney was calling him. He then looked at his watch and said to Nicole who was in coma. "Well honey I get to go now to the court but I'll come again to tell you everything happened" he said then approached her and kissed her on the forehead. As soon as Mike entered the court he thought of that night too and it all flashed before his very eyes.

See when Mike stood in front of Nicole not fearing she might kill him, Bonnie or Nicole while being Bonnie she said she wouldn't care if anything happened to him. "You know? You're a jerk because you think I won't kill you" Nicole said mocking him.

"I bet you won't" he said with confidence.

"You're betting high here"

"Well it won't matter if I lost you" "The problem is that you mix between me and someone else who give a crap about it, step away kid I've got job to do"


"Get of my way Mike" She was warning him while she was stressing on the words because she started to get angry at him. "No"

"Can't you believe me? I'm doing this for Nicole" "I know, me too" Mike said quietly.

"Once she get rid of those people, she can at last feel safe"

But Mike persisted on staying in front of her, so when she screamed hugely with pain, she couldn't handle living that life any longer and put the gun towards her heart and shot herself. "No" Mike screamed at her.

"Mike" Courtney shouted too as she was scared that she would shoot Mike but she didn't when Nicole fell on the ground, Mike rushed towards her, Courtney ran to them and cut the tape of each one of the three, and they all gathered around her. "Mike?" Nicole was hardly talking of the pain but she was confused about everything.

"I'm here, don't worry" Mike said with huge worry and then shouted "Anyone call 911"

"I already did" Courtney said. Mike looked at her because she neglected his words when he asked her not to call them before, but he was grateful at that moment that she ignored him. "Mike, I'm feeling huge pain, where are we?" Nicole was crying of the pain. Her father came close to her "Dad, you're here? Why you look like someone had beaten you up?" She said with big confusion "Don't worry everything will be fine" her father said but he was deadly worried about her.

"I'm scared, I feel I'm getting out of breath"

"No stay with me" Mike held her hand and started to cry and so everyone else then he continued "Look at me here! Please Nicole I don't want to lose you again", it was so dramatic. So after that she was taken to the hospital and she had been in coma since then, while Mike used to come to her every day talking to her and telling her everything was going on.

"Come on Mike pick up" Courtney said while trying to call Mike while she was sitting in the court because he was the next one to be called.

Mike finally answered. "Mike where are you?" She said.

"I'm just right behind you" Mike said in low voice, James tapped on his shoulder while he was heading to the stand.

While Mike was walking towards the stand everything kept coming back to him from the first time he saw Nicole to that right moment. "Mr. Turner, How do you know Miss. Pilson?" The defense lawyer said.

"She's my best friend"

"And how long have you known her?"

"For more than 3 years"

"Have you noticed anything weird about her all that time"

"No not really, except that sometimes she was happy and others she was sad"

"Do you think that she could be having any psychological problem?"

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