What Went Missing!!!

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Thirty Four

When David who was by the way the doctor who was treating her case in the sanitary they sent her to after the trial got out from Nicole's room, Mike was waiting for him to check up on Nicole. "Thanks for meeting me doctor" Mike said.

"No problem" David replied.

"So how's she?"

"Well as I guessed, she really think she's dead now, the peaceful life she wanted, away from the cruelty she was seeing and she had a third character called Rachel"

"Rachel? After her mother?"

"Yeah apparently she wanted a loving and caring character to take care of her"

"So you think now, Nicole totally lost control?" "No way" David smiled and continued "Though she thinks she's the weak one but in fact she's the strong one"

"If the jury had heard you, she would have sent Nicole behind bars"

"No I don't mean that, but I mean that Nicole has always been present in a way or another, for example Bonnie is supposed to be crazy and brutal but when she decided to kill, she chose a peaceful death, if I were her, I'd definitely torture them a lot before killing them for everything they've done but she didn't do that at all, but instead she just killed them and not a very painful one too because she wanted to get rid of the evil and feel safe, not out of revenge plus when she had a chance she couldn't shoot you"

"What you're saying doctor, I'm saying that I won't give up on her and neither should you"

James went back to his college and Courtney was leaving too, but she wanted to see Mike first, so they met by the lake.

"So you're leaving ?" Mike asked her.

"Yeah I can't stay any longer, what about you?" Courtney said.

"I'm going to stay here, I even applied for the medical school close to here"

"It's nice what James is having in his mind"

"Yeah, it's time to fight the bulling and violence we're dealing with everywhere" Mike said.

"Sure and being journalist could be a good way to do that" Courtney said then continued "What about Nicole?"

"Her father decided for having therapy for his drinking problem and I asked the medical counsil to send Nicole study books so she can finish school"

"That's great"

"Yeah, they agreed a lot and said it could help her throughout her therapy to build a life"

Courtney was quite for few seconds and then said

"Come back with me Mike, it's not your fault, and you couldn't have known or done better"

"I'm not doing this because I feel guilty, I'm doing it, because I can not do something else"

"You know that you may not have future together?"

"I don't care, this where I belong, I can't leave now, no matter how the future looks"

Courtney smiled to him while tapping on his shoulder and said "Nicole is a lucky girl"

Mike felt that he might have hurt her by what he said.

"Sorry Courtney I didn't mean to hurt you" Courtney smiled assuring him "Hey I don't regret any of this, I won't forget it either and don't you dare do"

Mike smiled back to her and said "I will never do"

When Courtney left he kept looking at the lake they were standing by and took deep breath and smiled feeling that this is really where he belongs and who knows the future? Maybe one day things improve and Nicole gets better, start their life and he becomes good doctor and help people like Nicole and she follows her passion and be a professional photographer and James hires her for his wedding, Courtney arrives with her boyfriend and they spent the day dancing and laughing and being happy, everything possible, the most important thing for him now that he finally he doesn't feel anything missing anymore.

The end........

Nicole Bristow 101

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