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1. prologue

We left the party laughing, hugging and happy. Saturday night had been great, I enjoyed with my friends and my boyfriend at a party celebrating the end of the first semester of college. Many others are on the way, but the first one is always the more special and needs a celebration.

It was a really good party; there was good music, games and drinks. Many friends drunk, some a little too much, but Josh and I promised not to drink, because he was driving and we would have to take the highway to get back home.

That was it, we said goodbye to our friends, got in the car and Josh started the engine while I tuned the radio on.

"It was a good party" Josh said distracted.

"It was. Now it's holidays!" I exclaimed smiling.

I was still trying to syntonise any radio when I saw a flash and looked forward.


Too late.


I turned the alarm clock off. 6AM. The same nightmare in my head, the one which has been following me for a year.  Having the same nightmare every night does not make it any good. To think about Josh, how he is gone and how much I blame myself for it. His parents never blamed me. Neither the witnesses. However, I will always feel guilty for asking him to go to the party, for taking the highway without our parents' consentient, for someone too drunk has taken the wrong road and ran out on Josh's car. For being Josh and not me!

That night was terrible, as soon as we left the parking lot, someone who was also at the party and really drunk ran out on Josh's car. Josh died right there and I went to the hospital unconscious. I woke up only two weeks after, and when my mother told me what had happened, I wished I have died with him. I cried for days. My friends, my parents and Josh's parents tried to consulate me all the time and stayed with me during my time at the hospital which was six months.

It was hard, but after the time I left the hospital with only some scars. Then, I started a new battle, I did not want to go back to college, neither I wanted to live in Sacramento; and after a long talk with my parents, they agreed with me living in Beacon Hills with my grandparents. Of course it was not just it, and after six months, they asked me to go back to college. I'm not coming back to Sacramento tough, I'm starting a new life here.

Today is my first day at Beacon Hills Community College, a year after the worst night of my life. I'm studying Psychology, and I think I would not have chosen better considering the time in my life.

I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready. Then I went downstairs to have breakfast. Grandma was already with many things on the table, like every morning in the past six months. I sat and ate in silence. She knew I did not want to go back to college, not right now.

"It's gonna be a good day, love" she said, sitting beside me.

"I hope so, grandma!" I stood up. "Gonna go, I wanna get there soon and find my class, bye".

"Bye, bye"

I took my backpack and headed to the college on foot. The building was a little too far from my house. Mom and dad had gotten me a car, but I was still not feeling like driving. The BHCC was in front of me, I took the courage and entered the building to start a new life.


Edited: 03.12.2018

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