When Love Dies

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Chapter 36

We waited for what seemed like forever to get the test results. I was extremely nervous and fidgeted constantly. It felt like I was gonna explode soon.

What If I the tests results came and I was gonna die?

I flinched at the thought and tried to forget about it. I was grateful for mum, dad and Jason who endured it all with me. I had the best support team. They all kept whispering words of encouragement and motivation.

I was deeply touched!

I calmed down a little and managed to have lunch-I craved after sushi and Maxwell, my driver was assigned to get our food from the nearby Chinese restaurant- after which I slept in the arms of Jason. It wasn't an entirely peaceful sleep but it was enough to revitalize me.

Loud urgent footsteps vibrated at the hospital's lobby where we sat and my heart quickened. I knew it was the doctor.

"Sorry for the delay. Please can I see you in my office Miss Cassie?" Doctor O'Brien requested. I was helped to my feet by mum.

"Please can they all come with me? I don't want to be alone." I pleaded. Having them around me when I heard the results would help me a great deal.

"Of course, they can. Please, this way." He led us to his office and I gripped mum's arm fiercely. She patted my shoulder and said it would be all right.

"You may seat!" The doctor said while he shut the door. I sat down—Uncomfortably— and everyone did the same.

"Doctor, please tell us the fate of my daughter." Dad said. It made him sound like we were in the dwelling place of a diviner or fortune teller awaiting my fate and destiny. I blew off the thought and concentrated on what the doctor had to say.

"It wasn't a simple test and that's why we delayed. I had to speak with other surgeons in my field. According to the tests on her optic nerves, the retina which had been detached and couldn't receive or pass visual information from the brain is developing. You were right when you noticed that she could see the radiation of the flashlight. At that point, the retina enabled signals to the brain with excruciating pain." He explained.

"What does this mean doctor?" mum asked. I was literally puzzled. Almost all he said meant gibberish to me and I was delighted mum asked the question.

"We believe your daughter might see again. That is, if she she goes through an intense operation." He said.

Oh my God! Did I hear him correctly? I, Cassieopia Eleanor Raymond, would see again? Please somebody pinch me right now. This could be a dream.

Oh no, but it wasn't. This was real!  Incredulous, but true.

Finally, the chance to see my parents, Ana, Tess, Jason, Gemma, Taylor, Charles and Samantha, George and Valerie, Foster and the triplets.

Gosh, this was overwhelming!

I was so blown away, I let out a scream. I screamed in joy as some trickles of tears flowed down my eyes.

This was the best news ever!

Dad, mum and Jason took turns to hug me. I knew mum cried; her voice meshed with the sounds of her sobs. She hugged me while her tears fanned my neck and ran down to my left shoulder.

When it was dad's turn to hug me, he tried to hold back the tears like every strong man would.

"Let go, Dad. It's okay to cry a little." I encouraged him faintly. That seemed to crush all the walls around his heart. He cried while chatting "My daughter will see again." Repeatedly. Hearing my dad cry was alien to me and I revelled in it, memorizing his deep intake of breath and his release sequentially.

Finally, when Jason hugged me, it was bittersweet. He pulled me to him and gave me the most heart-stopping, heart-racing, fevered and impassioned kiss I have ever received. At first, I gasped and wondered what mum, dad and the doctor thought about it. But when his tongue penetrated into my mouth, I screwed them off my thoughts and gave in to the kiss.

After all, it was my moment and I was expected to make the most out of it, wasn't I?

I kissed him without a care in the world and only retracted when I couldn't breathe.

"I'm so happy you'll get to see again. I love you!" He said and I was sure my heart melted.

"I love you too." I reciprocated.

"Uh.. I eh.. I am very sorry to cut in but I'm not done with the explanation yet." Doctor O'Brien spoke.

All of a sudden, I heard the nervousness and a hint of melancholy in his tone. It sounded like he was about to deliver bad news.

All my happy thoughts vanished and my heart throbbed.

"Is there something you aren't telling us doctor?" Mum asked and I realized she felt the same way I felt.

He was heading towards delivering unpleasant news.

I gulped down a mouthful of saliva that threatened to choke me.

Then I awaited my fate.

"The surgery, like I expounded, will take a series of hours and has to be carried out by the best ophthalmologists in the country. It has a 50% percent life guarantee." He said and being shocked at this point, was an understatement.

"Can you tell just go straight to the point doctor? All these hospital language has tangled me in a spinning web of confusion." Dad said and by the looks of things, he was already irritated but nonetheless, scared for the worst news.

"I'm terribly sorry if I created any lack of clarity." The doctor apologized.

"No worries! Please proceed." Dad accepted his apology.  I knew he had a lot of thoughts floating his mind and an apology was far less a worry to him.

"What I'm trying to say is, After the surgery, there's a high chance that she would make it and see again. And there's also a chance that she might die in the process!" The doctor emitted my worst fear!

Suddenly, my life was probable to end. 

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