When Love Dies

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Chapter 49

"A hug should suffice all you missed." I suggested.

As she ran into my arms, I noticed her eyes were puffy and she kept sniffling like she had been crying.

"What's wrong?" I inquired. Tess hardly ever cried and it shattered my heart seeing her like this.

"Initially, I was worried about you. I thought you wouldn't make it and hid my anxiety from the rest so they wouldn't fret over it. Then I got worried about Jason. I've heard nothing from him and it's getting late. He should be here especially because of you." She voiced her worries.

My mind zoomed back to Jason. It was unlike him to be this late; Punctuality was his strength! I wondered why he was late or refused to pick his calls. I was quite distressed but refused to think too deep about it. Perhaps he could be planning a surprise for me, who knows?

Furthermore, I was depressed about the surgery and look at what happened? It was successful. 
Relax. Jason is fine! I reassured myself.

"Relax Tess. You said so yourself, you were worried about me and look how healthy and good I feel? Jason is alright, perhaps something's holding him up." I gave her back a slight pat.

"You're right. I guess I'm just being paranoid. And I'm so glad you're fine." she released me only to peer at me in scrutiny. "Gosh! Now we can finally go shopping and you can argue with us on our taste of fashion." She said and I couldn't help but snigger. Of all reasons, this made her glad that I could see.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that both Ana and Tess were a little loco.

To shut down further conversation, my stomach growled and I gasped. I hadn't thought about food for days. After eating before I was asked to change days ago for the surgery, I hadn't eaten since then. Now, my stomach seemed to remember it all and I felt a starvation which I had never experienced.

"Whoops! Cassie's hungry." Tess who was beside me told the others who conversed among themselves.

"Let me order Maxwell or Peter to get us some sushi." Dad said while he brought out his phone from his pocket already about to dial their numbers.


Everyone including me turned towards the direction mum sat. We were astonished over her curt and blunt order. She seemed to get herself and cleared her throat before speaking.

"I don't want her to eat sushi. I was hoping we could have a celebration dinner. We could have lasagna, beef bourguignon or whatever Cassie wants." She said softly this time. Mum seldom called me 'Cassie'. I could sense her discomfort. Now I could see that suddenly, mum's regular authoritative tone had reduced to a minimum.

Was she trying to make me feel comfortable and love her more by being soft on us all? Perhaps she realised being tough all the time was never the right way? Her putting my opinion into consideration was a plus to this sudden change.

"I'm too hungry to have anything fancy. I bet before it gets delivered, I'd starve to death. Let's just order pizza and soda please." I replied.

"But is she permitted to eat now? We need the doctor's permission first." For the first time today, Ana made good use of her brain. No offense!

"Yes, I guess you're right." Dad agreed and we all nodded. He was about two move to the intercom when a knock resounded and the door opened, revealing an elderly woman who dressed to a great extent like the doctors but hers were buttoned and she had a sort of little white hat on her head. She had a stout frame, grey hair and plumpy cheeks. She also displayed a warm smile as walked straight up to me.

"We were just about to call the doctor." Dad spoke and she smiled at him.

"Doctor O'Brien sent me to check up on her. I'll just be as quick as possible." I remembered her voice earlier on when she calmed my nerves during my nauseous phase.

Oh... She was a Nurse.

If nurses were like this, then I'd feel slightly at peace in a hospital. While she examined and assessed me, she kept a smile on her face, I feared she'd be weary. It was a flattering smile that made her more welcoming.

"I'm so hungry for pizza but worried that I'm not permitted to eat it. Can I?" I whispered just as she scrawled on her notepad.

"Of course, you can! But let me get you a glass of water before eating. This helps for easier digestion." She said and I nodded.

She walked gracefully down the room and soon returned with a small cup of water. I received it, not without thanking her and then gobbled it up. I felt relieved but still thirsty and shyly requested for another cup of water which she smiled and delivered. After the second round, I heaved a sigh of contentment while she explained her examination to my parents who listened eagerly.

"The pizza delivery guy is on his way." Dad chanted after the nurse left.

"With extra cheese?" I asked hopefully.

"Just the way you like it." He replied with a grin.


Nibbling on my remaining slices of pizza and Pepsi, and almost satisfied, I joined the girls in watching some MTV base music videos. The TV which had been muted the whole time we had our mushy interactions became fascinating as I watched it for the first time ever. Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' music video was in tune. I knew a lot about Justin Bieber. I believed almost all the girls in high school had huge celebrity crushes on him. Some had even gotten married to him and had his babies in their heads. It was so bizarre when they fantasized about him. Ana and I scoffed each time his name was mentioned. Ana had always preferred Nick Jonas to him, she gushed over his beauty and masculinity. I had no idea who they both were so I only nodded and acted like I cared each time their names were mentioned. I tuned in as I watched the girls in the video dance to the beat of the music.

It was stellar!

They looked dashing and danced with so much vigour, I had to give the props to their choreographer. But there was no sign of Justin in this video. Anyways, that didn't stop me from enjoying it.

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