White Prince

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Chapter 4 : "Orbite d-équilibre"

It's been a year since they died , since they left me

I miss them so much. A month after they died , I was a mess. I couldn't concentrate on my studies nor health. Alex got better , But I didn't because they were my everything. They were my rock, my best friends

I wasn't getting better. In the middle of the night I would start crying & screaming. Aunt Chelsea decided that I should go with them to & my grandmother will stay with Alex but I refused to let Alex behind because Alex's condition was just like mine. I wanted to lend him a shoulder to cry on.

In lieu of taking me , she took both us to her house in New Orleans.

After a year , I realized that coming here wasn't a bad idea at all. Both of us got better. Alex & I , we still miss Mom & Dad but mourning on their death wasn't going to bring them back so we've moved on & we're better now.

Getting out of bed , I took a deep breath & put on my slippers. Brushing through the tangles in my hair with fingers , I went inside the bathroom. It's been a year....

Once in my bathroom , I stripped down and stepped into the warmth and quiet of my shower. This pulsating hideaway was the one place I could escape without leaving my house. I could think and just be quiet whenever I needed , and no one was the wiser , and no one disturbed me.

It was 6 o'clock in the morning. I had packed my stuff & Alex's yesterday. We're going back to Manhattan. Since aunt Chelsea's husband died due to pancreatic cancer , she decided to leave everything behind & just go back to Manhattan. So I told her that she should live with us in Richard Mansion. She's the current CEO of my father's company. She's been taking care of our business & as soon as I turn 18 , she'll hand over the company to me. But I don't want to be the CEO. I'll talk about this to aunt Chelsea. I made a mental note about it.

Turning off the shower , I went outside the bathroom & changed into something casual. It's Summer so I wore something comfortable

"El! Dear , Are you ready to go?" Aunt Chelsea asked with her hand on my shoulder

Turning around , I looked at her face. Her face looked as if she just cried. Her eyes were puffy & the tip of her nose red. I decided not to ask her. Her husband just died, she must've cried after remembering something of Uncle Jeff.

Uncle Jeff was a very warm-hearted person. His personality was completely opposite to Aunt Chelsea's. He was a care-free, fun-loving sort of a person whereas Aunt Chelsea is conscientious but they got married because they understood each other. I miss him. I've lost many important people in my life

Snapping her fingers in front of my face, She furrowed her eyebrows

"Yeah, I'm ready to go. Is Alex ready?" My voice came out like a whisper

"Yes, Come out when you're ready. We're waiting in the car"

After aunt Chelsea left , I turned around & looked outside the window. I took a deep breath , fresh air filled my lungs & I felt refreshed. I don't usually like Summer but today's weather is pleasant & looks like it'll rain today

It was hard to go back but I missed that place. I have a lot of memories there! Part of me wants to go back & part of me wants to stay. But that place smells of my parents & feels like I'm surrounded by their presence.

Locking the door of my room , I went to the french doors & looked at the house once. Taking a deep breath , I made my way towards the car


I got out of the car & went inside the Mansion. Walking inside , I took in the view of the house It was still the same , nothing changed. Maids were the same. Chloe & Amanda welcomed me with a gentle smile across their faces "Good Morning , Miss!" I smiled back. They've been in charge of other maids since I was a little kid. Andrew , our butler took the bags out of the car & carried them inside the house

I looked at my parents' room & made my way towards it. As I was walking towards the room I stopped dead in my track because something caught my eye. I snapped my head to what I just saw.

On the door of the room , which was on the left side of my parents' room , was exactly the same artifact I saw at the museum in Paris

The artifact called "Orbite d-équilibre"
Balance Orbit!!!


What the hell?


I'm so sorry for being late. I had something come up & this chapters is short. But I hope you'll like it. :)
- Christina


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