White Prince

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Chapter 8 : "Mysterious Guy"

Waking up to a loud thud that came from the kitchen, I groaned as the pain in my feet has returned. Groaning, I looked in the direction of kitchen & then at the clock. Shoot. I fell asleep around 5 & I've been asleep for 10 hours. It's 3 in the afternoon.

Grabbing my phone, there were 20 text messages from Maddy & Jason. Opening the text messages, sadness took over me. I don't despise tests but still sudden tests saddens me. We weren't informed till yesterday about the tests starting from Monday. I've got one day to prepare for it.

I'll be spending a whole week in misery but the next text message made me smile. Homecoming. How can I forget about it. It's September & Homecoming will be on 25th of it as Maddy said, the same date as my birthday.

Thank You, Sweetie. I took a day off today because of my feet. Will tell you when we meet. I texted Maddison

Oh You Better! By the way, we'll be meeting soon. I'm heading to your place. She replied

Why? I mean yes of course you can come. But what's with this sudden meet up? I texted back

Actually, the day after tomorrow starts our tests & you've missed today. & you're not the type who'd just take a day off without any reason. So I thought why not study together. She replied

Yeah. That's a wonderful idea then. See you. Xoxo 👋

After replying her back, I went to my room & changed the bandage on my feet. As soon as I came downstairs, Maddy & Jason were there sitting in our lounge.

"Hey" I greeted

"O.M.G what happened to your feet?" Maddy said with worry on her face.

"Nothing. Just stepped on a piece of glass" I laughed & made a fool out of myself.

"And yet you're laughing like an idiot. You're hurt & you didn't even tell me or Maddy" Jason said with eyes focused on his book.

"Fine. I won't laugh. Let's just start studying & get over with it"


After our tests, we were separated in groups & thankfully Mrs. Sandra our science teacher chose Jason & Maddy for me as my project partners. We were given projects of science. Ours were of hydroelectric power. And my feet is prefectly fine now.

"Guys, PAY SOME ATTENTION ! Will you?" I let out an exasperated sigh

I'm literally done with these two!!

"We have two days to complete this project & you know how difficult science is for me. I was glad when Mrs. Sandra picked you & Maddy as my partners but now I'm mad at her" I frowned at both of them

They're not even paying attention to what I'm saying. Maybe it isn't important for the two of them but it is for me.

Ughh !! Actually , I just found out that they've been dating for 8 months now! While I was in New Orleans , they fell in love , got mad at each other , fought but then they realized that they can't stay away from each other.

Yes , I JUST FOUND OUT & THEY'RE MY BEST FRIENDS. They didn't even tell me. I still wouldn't have known about it if I didn't go to Maddy's house last week to get my notes back which I needed to prepare a test from.

I smacked Jason in the head to get him out of his sweet little staring contest with Maddy. He let out a groan.

"What was that for?" He hissed

"You know 'What was that for'!"

"Fine!" He huffed

"Let's get over with it"


After a week , the result was announced & we scored more than most of the groups in the class. We'll be having Homecoming on exactly the same day as my birthday, after one week on 25 of September.


I don't know why but I'm being apprehensive again. It's like something's wrong. Maybe I'm being over dramatic but last time when I felt like that, Mom & Dad died. I don't know what's going to happen this time.

Anyways , today's Homecoming & my birthday. I've been waiting for Jason & Maddy to pick me up for like 2 hours. It's getting late & I wouldn't wanna miss Homecoming , now would I? Maddy told me that we'll celebrate my birthday on 25 of the next month & I agreed.

"Aunt Chelsea, I'll go by myself. You don't have to worry about us. Alex will be staying at Tatum's house & I'll be late on my way back home" I said loudly so that she'll hear me. I informed her because she would've cancelled her dinner if Alex was going to be alone at home. She should enjoy her life too. She has the right to go out for dinner with her friends.

She's worried about us all the time & takes care of us. I love her & the least we can do for her is to let her live her life the way she wants.

Finishing my makeup by applying a light shade of lipgloss on my lips, I made my way downstairs.

Wearing the dress my Aunt had given me made me smile 'She'll absolutely love it' . Aunt Chelsea had no idea that I had decided to wear the dress she gifted me. The dress is very simple yet elegant. It's a full-length dress & grey in colour. The fabric of the skirt is very smooth . It's a light grey tulle with applique top & spaghetti straps. The dress is close fitting & comfortable & looks perfect with the sandals that I'm wearing. I had my hair put in a loose curly updo. As for accessories , I had put on chain cuff ear rings & a delicate necklace with few rings on my fingers. I'm not really fond of heavy accessory.


As soon as I came down, I heard my Aunt gasp in awe. My head shot up with a smile etched on my face. Looking at my Aunt's face made me laugh. I giggled at the sight. She looked cute with the look of amazement on her face. She looked as if I've grown wings or something

"You look ravishing. You look just like your mom" With that she burst into tears

"I know" I whispered . Tears started to form but I won't let it fall. I bit my lower lip as my eyes welled up with tears.


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