White Prince

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Chapter 11 : "Blood"

Hearing a knock on the door , I shouted "Coming".

Keeping the book I just finished reading back in the shelf, I made my way towards the door.

I was astonished by the beauty standing in front of me. She's ravishingly beautiful. She's got the beautiful eyes anyone could ever want which are unlike her brother, chocolate brown in colour with thick lashes & perfectly shaped eyebrows. She looks like her mother a lot. She's got the perfect naturally brunette wavy hair. I just noticed that her hair colour is the same as the Queen's & so is her nose, a button shaped.

"Uh, Hey" She waved her hand in front of me. I pursed my lips to contain my smile. She looked cute.

"Hi" I said awkwardly, not knowing how to start a conversation with a complete stranger. If she were my friend, she would've get to know my crazy side right now & I would've hugged her instead of waving my hand awkwardly in front of her.

"Did I wake you?" She said embarrassed, probably thinking that she woke me up which is definitely not true. I was reading a book. I woke up probably like 3 hours ago. I estimated the time by the pages of the book I just read. I can read exactly 400 pages in 3 hours & the book I just put back in the shelf contained 400 pages.

"No, Not at all. I was reading a book" I said enthusiastically.

"Can I come in?" How rude of me! I didn't ask her to come in. She didn't even have to ask that. This palace belongs to her.

"Of course you can. It's your house-- I mean castle. I AM the guest here" I said in a-matter-of-fact tone, emphasizing on "I AM". I step aside to let her in.

Coming inside, she sat on the bed & the way she was smiling at me made me feel homesick. I was missing my home. I felt so comfortable around her. She's got this aura of comfort.

"You're name's Eloise, right?" She asked, looking anywhere but me. Probably because she was embarrassed to ask me my name, again.

"Uhmm. Yeah" I replied, smiling at her. She reminds me of Alex. They'll look cute together. Shut up El! What are you thinking!!!!

"You're name's beautiful just like you" She said out of nowhere. I don't think my name's as beautiful as hers & my beauty isn't of comparison to hers.

"You're a beauty yourself" I said, trying not to sound like a dumbass.

We chatted for like hours & became friends instantly. I'm actually pretty good at making friends as long as the person's nice & sincere. & she was the kind of a friend I've been waiting to have here. She's sweet & humble, unlike her brother.

"So... Did something ever happened between you & my brother?" She asked out of the blue.

"What? NO!! Absolutely not. I saw him..." I trailed off & was about to tell her that I've seen him in my dreams actually & had this huge crush on him after my dreams but hated him the second I met him in real when she snapped her fingers in front of me & I completed the sentence that I left midway, thanking myself for not letting it all out "I saw him when I was in the woods" I said, clearing my throat.

She looked at me definitely not convinced with my answer, as if she could read me. She nodded & got up.

Suddenly sadness overcame me & I started to miss Maddy. But wait, If Jason's a supernatural then is Maddy too......

"Hey, I think I've to go now. Since you can't leave your room until mother says so.. & I'm sorry about it but I promise you'll be free soon enough" She said while leaving the room in a hurry.

Shit, I forgot to ask her for a watch or something so I wouldn't lose the track of time.

After she left, I changed into something casual. Mia sent some of her clothes by her maid & I loved her collection. I couldn't pick from the clothes in my room's wardrobe since the clothes weren't of my size. I got lucky yesterday that I found clothes of my size. I picked a simple T-shirt with a ripped denim jeans & sneakers.

I've been waiting in this room for Queen to call me for hours now. I had my breakfast after Mia left. The breakfast was delicious but looked kind of odd. It looked more like a medicine, a sort of energizer. It wasn't an ordinary sort of breakfast. I didn't know the name of the things but since I was starving so I had no choice but to eat whatever it was & it energized me.

I was pacing in my room when a book caught my eye.

A Cursed Prince

Opening the book, I was disappointed because the language looked Spanish & I knew nothing about Spanish. My mother was Spanish but father was French. I've never even thought about learning Spanish nor French since I grew up in Manhattan.

Utterly disappointed, I placed the book back. But there was something about this book & I WILL DEFINITELY READ IT NO MATTER WHAT. Maybe Mia will know the language. I thought

As I was about to pick a novel, a voice came from behind the door. It was Jason's.

"El, the Queen wants to see you"

I opened the door & looked at him
"Did you tell her that I'm not a threat?" I asked him confidently.

"How the hell am I supposed to persuade her into believing that you're not a threat? I work for her, El" He said the last sentence with sadness in his voice. Maybe because he can't help me here.

"You're right. Let's go" I said moving past him. Stopping in my tracks, I looked at him & asked him one last question "Jason, Can I go back home? Is there a way for me to go back? I miss my home, you know. Alex & Aunt Chelsea must be worried by now" there was urgency in my voice.

He took a deep breath & looked at me with a sad expression "Look, we'll have to find that out if you can go back. & yes there is a way you can go back : through a portal" He placed his hands on my shoulder & looked me in the eyes.

"Don't worry, El. Everything will be fine. Queen Isabelle is a kind-hearted woman. And so is everyone else" He said, maybe talking about Mia & Sebastian. But seriously I don't fine Sebastian kind-hearted.


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