White Prince

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Chapter 13 : "Revelations"

After Mia took me to Isabelle, well dragged me to be exact, Isabelle gave Mia some lessons so that Isabelle can talk to me alone. I told her I was Okay with Mia being around but Isabelle said no. I was sitting on a chair, lost in my thoughts, staring at Mia & Jason who were practising fighting in the arena when all of a sudden Mia punched Jason in the face instead of casting a spell & he couldn't stop the blow.

I was about to laugh when Mia spoke.

"Oh I'm so sorry Jason. I-I was so frustrated with you that I punched you. I didn't mean to, though but you weren't letting me win so out of frustration, Ah fuck it. I'm sorry" Mia continued blabbing.

She bent down to examine a groaning Jason when all of a sudden cracking of bones could be heard & Jason transformed into a wolf. A big beautiful pitch black wolf with dark green eyes.

I stood from the chair on which I sat & continued to stare. What the hell!! Jason's a werewolf, not an ordinary one but more like an Alpha. But why was he working for Isabelle, then? I made a mental note to ask Isabelle later.

Jason's growling at Mia put me out of my thoughts & made me look at them. He charged at her when Isabelle came wide-eyed & said something which made him stop & he left through the door on the right side of the arena.

"Well, his wolf can be dangerous sometimes" I looked at Isabelle, completely astounded by what just happened.

"Mia, Sebastian wanted to see you"

Mia nodded her head & put on her black leather jacket. She looked beautiful today in her badass outfit. A ripped denim jeans with a crop top & black leather jacket, this outfit suited her.

"So, Guess we're all alone" Isabelle sat in the chair next to mine & motioned for me to sit as well.

"What just happened?" I asked her looking at the fighting spot.

"Oh don't worry about that. Jason's a werewolf, an Alpha to his pack. His father died a week ago & since then he's having some trouble dealing with his wolf. It takes over sometimes" She said carelessly but after looking at me she realized I had a worried expression.

"He'll be fine" She held my hand in hers & reassured me. I nodded & gave her a tight lipped smile. Silence filled the environment.

"What was it that you wanted to talk to me about?" I said finally breaking the silence. I wanted to ask her why Jason was working for her but then I thought I'll ask Jason about it.

"Oh- I almost forgot" She laughed, her laugh echoing through the empty arena.

"I wanted to talk about you" I looked at her confused at what she just said.

"What about me?" I asked, fidgeting with my fingers.

"That what are you? You know that you're Jacinda's second born, right?" I nodded.

"So what could be so special about you that you could see Sebastian & the portal when it's been cloaked via cloaking spell"

"I don't know. Mom left me a letter & told me that I was born special, that she could feel it. She told me I had a brother" I said, sadly.

"Did you ever meet him? Jonathan?" I asked, my eyes welling up.

"Yes" She whispered softly.

"And he was beautiful & magical, just like you. Now I see why Jacinda told you that you are magical" I smiled & laughed a little at that.

"Do you believe in magic?" I asked. I know I was being stupid to ask her that. Of course she does!! She casts spells, duh!

"Of course, I do. Those who don't will never find it. In order to find your specialty, you must believe in magic"

"I don't know, Isabelle. I do believe in magic but I don't feel like I'm special. It's like I don't believe myself" I said.

"You are special, Eloise. Your brother had magic since he was your mother's first born but you are special because you're not her first born yet I feel like you have magic. And in order to find what speciality you hold, you must believe in yourself" She said which made me smile.

Suddenly I remembered about the language that I kept speaking whenever I needed something magical.

"Uh Isabelle, I need to tell you something"

"What, sweetie? You can tell me anything you want!"

"When a piece of shattered glass pierced into my feet, it hurt me. It was hurting me so much that I was about to faint when all of a sudden I said something in a different language & my feet stopped hurting. Apart from that, Alex once twisted his ankle & I healed him through the very same language I spoke to open a hidden library in our mansion" I told her the strange things that started happening to me a few weeks ago.

"See, I told you that you were special. You're mother's right, Eloise. You have magic you just need to believe in yourself " She said, placing her hands on my shoulder.

"And that language you're talking about is Latin"

"The language you spoke to stop Jason from attacking Mia & on the day when I portaled here, right?"

"Yes, you are right. It's the language of witches. Witches use this language to cast spells, with the help of ingredients sometimes. You couldn't understand it then because it was coming to you on it's own" She said, looking into the space thoughtfully.

"That happens rarely" She said to herself. But it was loud enough for me to hear it.

Isabelle was lost in her thoughts when I asked her a question.

"Can you tell me about my mother?" She looked at me, confused.

"I mean about her when she used to be a practicing witch"

"Of course. She was one of the strongest witch of our coven. She gave up her position so that I'll become the leader of our coven" She said, taking a deep breath.

"I was weaker than her. She was stronger. But she thought giving up her position will anger our ancestors & that's how they'll take her powers & will give it to me. She was right. That's what happened" She said, now tears falling one after another.

"I would never be able to forgive myself for that" She was crying & had her face in her palms.


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