White Prince

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Chapter 14 : "Time Loop"

It's been a week since all that crazy crap happened & I came back home after 3 months according to Aunt Chelsea but 3 days according to me. Trying hard to understand what was happening, I sighed in defeat & texted Maddison.

Hey. You free? I texted.

Yeah. Did something happen?

I wanted to tell her everything that's been happening around me but can't since there's a lot to risk & now after what's been happening recently, it's kind of hard for me to trust anyone.

No. Nothing. It's just that I'm bored & I want to do some shopping.

Oh my god. You just said what I had in my mind.

Great, then. I texted, cheerfully.

I'll be there in 15 minutes.

Pushing myself up from the couch, I made my way towards the kitchen.

"Alex, where's Aunt Chelsea?"

"She's supervising the new maid"

I wondered why we had to hire a new maid.

"Umm why would we need a new maid?"

"I don't know. You can ask her that yourself"

"Okay. OK I'll do that" I replied & looked over his shoulder to what he was doing. Awww that's cute. He was making himself a sandwich but looks like he couldn't do it.

"Need my help with that?" I asked, smacking him in the head.

"Ouch. What was that for?" He winced in pain & glared at me.

"That was for not asking me for help!" I looked at him with a sad look on my face.

"Step a side" I pulled him towards me & made him sit on the stool near the counter.

"I'll teach you how to make yourself a sandwich" I smiled sheepishly at him.

After making him a cheese sandwich, I relaized that it's been 30 minutes since Maddison texted but she's not here yet.

"Aunt Chelsea, I'm going to step outside for a bit. I'll be back, soon"

"You're going to take your bodyguards with you! I can't risk losing you to the wrong hands again" ugh here we go again. She's been like this for the whole damn week. She wouldn't let me go outside neither for a walk nor jogging.

"Fine. Fine. I'll take them with me" I sighed, exasperatedly. No more arguing with her. It would end me getting illogocal at the end. Well not exactly for me but for her since she doesn't know about supernatural world.

"By the way, why did you hire a new maid?" I asked her looking at the new maid doing the laundry.

"It's because the previous one disappeared without leaving a word"


"Here, Ruby. Do it like this" Aunt Chelsea showed our new maid who's name is Ruby, how to turn on the machine. Maybe she's never used it before.

"Here. Meet her. She's my niece, Eloise" Aunt Chelsea introduced me to Ruby to which she extended her hand surprisingly because normally the maids don't do handshakes.

Shaking her hand sent shivers down my spine. I felt something weird about her. There was something that I couldn't put my finger on to. Something semmed off about her. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't hear Alex calling out to me.

"Eloise, Maddison is here"

"Oh yeah. Thanks" Taking my hand out of Ruby's grasp, I went outside & got in Maddison's car.

"Hey, took you long enough" I glared at my friend.

"Uhh- I-" Putting my hand up to cut her off.

"No need to explain. I know what you were doing"

"You do?" She looked at me as if I've grown horns on my head.

"Yeah. You were with Jason, right?" She sighed which looked like a sigh of relief.

"Yeah. I was with him"

After our littler conversation in the car, we went to the mall & bought some clothes & some stuff that I needed.

"Shopping is just my thing" Maddison chirped excitedly & placed the tray of my mac & cheese in front of me.

"Thank you" I thanked her for getting me what I desired the most at the moment.

"So, where've you been this whole time? You were gone for 3 months" Oh My God, I dreaded this conversation the most & here she is bringing it up. Thankfully, she didn't ask me about it when I returned. God knows that's making her ask me that question.

"Nowhere. You know that Aunt Chelsea got a new maid at our house" I brought up another topic to avoid what she was asking but that was lame, what I just said made me cringe at my own words. Like I could've come up with a better way to change the topic.

"Oh yeah? But for what? Weren't there so many maids at your house?" Thank god she's not pressing me for what she asked earlier.

"Yeah there are but our maid for laundry just disappeared in thin air so Aunt had to appoint Ruby for it" As soon as I said those words, Maddison choked on her coffee.

"Are you Okay?" I stood from my chair & gave her water.

"I'm fine"

"You sure?"

"What did you just say?" Huh? What's gotten into her?

"I said 'you sure'" I said bluntly.

"No not that. About your maid. What did you say was her name?"

"It's Ruby" Why was she asking about Ruby all of a sudden? Does she know her or what?

"Her full name?" Oh god.

"Ruby Jones" When I told her about our maid's full name, she just blinked thrice & started eating her burger. That was strange.

We were devouring our meals when all of a sudden someone threw a knife right into the middle of our table. I shot my gaze towards the direction from where it came. I was left astonished at what I saw. Everything around me was a blur but only Maddison wasn't. Rubbing my eyes, thinking that it probably will make everything okay but nothing was helping.

"What is happening, Eloise?" I looked over at Maddison & screamed at top of my lungs when I saw a strange looking man holding knife around Madison's neck.

"I don't know" I wanted to so something but I couldn't when all of a sudden someone just picked me & threw me on the nearby wall.

I winced when the pain at my back came after I collided with the wall. Laying there helpless, not being able to do anything neither for my friend nor myself made me sad. The strange faced man who just threw me lunhed towards me but stopped in his tracks when a light shone brightly where Maddison stood & the man who held knife around her neck now laid lifeless on the floor but what hurt me the most was that she was a witch but never told me & above all she left me there to those men & here I was getting upset for not being able to protect her.


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