Why Wouldn’t He?

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Chapter 2

Hello beautiful people here is the second chapter. I hope you like it .



Jason stood there in casual clothes.


Wow, casual clothes and not a suit?!


No suit!? Is he sick or something. Oh my God that's killing me.

I almost let out a giggle at his look because he looked strange with a white, full sleaved shirt that fitted perfectly on his mascular body, along with black jeans.


Before I could  even drive inside, Lisa got off the car and started running towards him as she screams, "JASON!" He fell on his knees and opened his hands, ready to catch her.

What the actual hell is wrong with him. I mean he's the billionaire and he's falling  on his knees. He's definitely sick.


I rubbed my eyes to picture the truth in front of me, to see if it was true, if he actually let go of his attitude.


"Don't you fucking know who I am?" I looked at him with wide eyes, "I am the one who'll rip your throat out, before you know it and get my men to through the remains in the ocean, if you don't obey me!" He yelled the last part.


I zoned out, remembering what he said, long time ago.


Lisa hugged him so tight that he stumbled on his feet, but he managed to gain his balance. It was a long hug.

He pulled away, his eyes holding a pile of emotions and pain as he told her, "I'll never let you go, I promise. I'll protect both of you, you are my little..." He said the last word so low that I couldn't get it.

What is with him and the last words?


"What took you so long? I got worried." He asks.

"Actually, you forgot the GPS and I couldn't find it as you know me and maps don't go so well." I replied.

Lisa returned from her hug and she rubbed her eyes, filled with tears. My brows furrow in confusion.


She's hiding something that she saw and she's afraid to tell me. It must be about him, but why would she lie to me?


"Analise!?" I snapped back to my senses as Jason called out my name. "I'm sorry, I forgot. But, now that you're here, let's go in."

I looked around as we walked in, to the most beautiful flower plants, I've ever seen. It's so peaceful, it's not only a riot of colours of bursting fragnances, but it's also silent as animate constantly play before my eyes.


The cast of this garden are so pure and magnificent as little drops of dew rests upon their petals, making them even more beautiful in their varirty of colours which can have an impact on you with the emotional equivalency like music, powerful as orchestra.

As I continued to walk along the path, there was a way leading to the back side. Opposite to that was a parking lot, where a black, 'Mercedes-Benz AMGS' stood. It looked charming from my view. Well who am I kidding, it's Mercedes, it has to be charming.

I walked till I could see the house closely for the first time, "Go in. I'll go park your car." Jason said as he took the keys from me and Lisa went with him . He held his hand out for her to hold and she held it.

I stare at his back as he walked, suddenly remembering how it all started.

His mother was the only heir of a millionaire and his father was a billionaire himself, but had no family. They met at a cruise party where his father liked the girl in a red dress. They both were dressed casually as Wiliam offered Kendal a dance. Delighted, she agreed and stepped up.

William admired her beauty as she giggled. She was something different, they both were as they never remembered to boast about their wealth.


2 years of dating, William finally proposed her when her parents died in a plane crash. They got married and just to show her he wasn't doing it all for greed, he claimed he had in the name of his wife. Soon Jason was born, but his father died when he was 8 due to brain tumor. When he reached the age 10, his mother died too of cancer and due to heartbreak of the lost of her love. But, before her death she gave Jason into his uncle's custody who took great care of him until he was stable enough to handle the business. But, he too died on his 20th birthday.


Jason's uncle lived in our neighborhood and also when he had Jason .

Jason used to come and play with us and loved us, especially Lisa like his own little sister. Obviously I used to fight with  him a lot.


He knows about 'Him' and everything 'He' did to make our lives miserable. Since then, Jason had been protecting us and I can't thank him enough for all that he's done for us.


He witnessed it all and saved us and if it wasn't for him, I would've lost it. But, he has proven to be the best brother one could get, even though we are not from the same blood.


I looked away from them so I won't cry. He loves us and he wouldn't let 'Him' find us.

I opened the door and it was a hall The color of the wall may make people comfortable, but they skew viewers' perceptions of the paintings. Some shade of gray or white is best paintings stand out best against a neutral background.


The painting's own colors are true against a neutral background.


While the color of the wall could very well depend on what work is being displayed, the color could just as well affect the viewers' mood, in return changing their opinion on the piece of artwork being displayed.

I looked closely at the painting


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