Why Wouldn’t He?

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Chapter 7





Today I woke up when I heard Lisa screaming from her room , I picked up my Dagger which Jason bought for me and raced to her room.

When I opened the door  I couldn't stop my self but enjoy the whole scene. Lisa was acting like a two year old .

"I DON'T WANNA DRESS UP." She ran off her bed while Lola sat there.


"OH YES YOU ARE ..." Lola made sure she had a strong grip on her.

"I DON'T LIKE THIS DRESS" She screamed.

"HONEY ITS PINK .DON'T YOU LOVE PINK" Lola pulled her back on the bed,

"BUT IT'S NOT ......I DON'T LIKE .......ITS HAS HEARTS I HATE HEARTS" she made an excuse.

Haha did she just say she hates hearts , I let out a loud laugh and both of their attention turns towards me.

"I hope I didn't ruin your moment together"  I laugh again .

I didn't notice I was still holding my dagger , Lola looked at me and then down to my hand to the dagger.


"Honey umm ..... You are ..... " she said indirectly pointing it out to me.

"Oh ...sorry " I said by hiding it .

"What was that ?" Lisa suspected something but she didn't see it.

"You said you didn't like hearts" I laughed.

"I DON'T!" She groaned.

"Oh that means I should take your Barbie doll's red dress" I chuckled.

"NO!" She screamed



"YES YES YESSSSSSS!"  I laughed ,  "and I am going to get it " I slowly head towards her dolls side.

"NOOOO ......OKAY OKAY I'll  wear it" she said almost looking like she was about to cry.

I didn't get why she didn't wanted to wear it , it was of her favorite color it had hearts too , haha Nevermind now she's wearing it

"Hahaha okayyyy " then i left the room.

For a 10 year old she's quiet bossy.



After I reached H.School I parked again next to Jays porch  on my right and a dark blue Mustang on my left .


My first class was Maths .  I was the first student in class , they had double desks around here so I randomly went and kept my bag on one of them.


I looked around the class but no one was here I went towards the window and stared outside at the football field there were guys playing but not those  morons .


I walked back to the desk and sat there. 20 minutes before class starts .

No one is  here how amazing is that , it's quiet boring so I had my head on my desk. My eyes closed and started singing to my self .



"Wake up tiny . Wakey wakey , time to wake up, " some voice echos around me.

"Is she dead ?" Another voice whispered near my ear.

Those voices sounded familiar , really familiar , someone pinches me really hard making me gasp and finally wake up.

"ouch, " I look up and grey eyes stared at me , really beautiful grey eyes . I guess my  mind was still sleeping that I can't get it .

"Tiny you finally woke up,"  I turn to the voice . A very  familiar face. My brain couldn't get it I let down my head again so I could sleep.

"Ouch" someone pinched me again.

"JASON YOU MORON STOP IT, " I looked up to slam Jason right in his bloody jaws .


We'll see the beautiful jaw broke.

OH NO ITS NOT JASON IT'S THAT ASSHOLE MARKIAN and behind me is Jay. Unfortunately by this time the whole class was looking at me , I could hear people murmuring something ,


"She was sleeping" someone whispered.

"Omg  is she sitting on his seat" a whisper said

"Newbie  is sitting on his best friends seats " I hear someone saying

"Yeah she is" another one answered.

I looked at Markian staring at me his hand near my arm . Did he pinch me ?


I turned to find Jay sitting right behind me,

"Hey  Tiny! oh wait ANNALISE RIGHT " he got up and hugged me.


The class gasped at that .

"Tiny i thoug......"Jay pulled back.


"Good Morning Class . As I had given you a 2 hour lecture yesterday and I hope you all were listening so  here are your assignment ." The Maths  teacher handed us some assignments and grouped us.


I really wanted to go sit with the girls but Jay said he wanted Me and Markian as his partners and the teacher did make us partners. I looked at the assignment and had no idea what to do.

I looked at both my partners in confusion. They seem to be having an eye contact with each other.


"Tiny you have laptop?" Jay turned to me.

"Yeah" I replied.

"Take it out we'll need it" he replied.


I took out my laptop and handed it over. When Markian opened it  there on my cover was a pic of me and Jason. He was holding me on his back and we both were laughing.

I remember that day , Lisa took this picture .

Markian starting writing things done which at first went through my head . Jay gave his point and they were looking very busy . After they were done they discussed the whole thing with me , telling me stuff and all .


They both were really good partners but Markian talked really less , soon the period got over we decided to discuss the rest during the next period .


Next period was History when I went to class there was a blond girl sitting alone I went up to her

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