Why Wouldn’t He?

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Chapter 11







I have been sitting in Markian's car for like 15 minutes and I'm Already done.


He has some Crazy song choices. I mean too girlish. I on the other hand prefer rap songs like Eminem.


He tried talking to me but I was just staring outside.


"You feel better already?" He turned to look at me for a second, "like no more emotional drama ....?"

I roll my eyes at him


"I Kind off feel better but if you keep on acting like an ass I would definitely want to kill Myself for agreeing on coming with you.," I say while trying my best not to look sad.

He muttered something as he rolled his eyes, "you know I'm trying to be nice. Like I am DRIVING YOU so that people won't ask you questions of WWWHHHHYYYYY you were on the verge of crying."


I ignore.

Maybe he's not a jerk after all. Maybe he's nice and all.... the good boy stuff.

I have to admit he did  drive me away when I was seriously on the verge of crying.

I didn't know how long I have been onto myself.

"So Annalise tell me. Any siblings?" He said while keeping his eyes on the road.


"Umm 2 actually," I give a faint reply.

"What about you," I ask him.


He literally thought for a moment. Like dude who thinks before answering a question like this?


"One sisters," He reply's.

Oh really? What's took you so long to answer that shit?

"Have a brother or just sisters?" He questioned again.


"One brother and one sister. I am the middle one," I reply.

He almost laughs at that.


"Why are you laughing," I ask.

He continues laughing, "it's that I was a midd..." he stops.


His expression changed completely. Maybe he's regretting the decision of letting it slip out of him mouth.


Was he about to say that he was a middle child too.

Didn't he just mention that he had only one sister?


"You lied," I looked away from him and out of the window.

"And you spilled it out," I say.


He Looks at me but I don't look back. I can't just expect him to tell me everything.


And I won't.


It's his choice and I'm no one to force him.

We pulls in the driveway.

"You like ice cream?"

I loveee ice cream.

I didn't notice that he was already out of the car. He pulled the door open and stood there till I got out.


He made me sit on the roof of his car like a little kid.

"I'll break it," I say.


"You can come down but trust me the cats are weird here but the good part is that  they don't climb roofs especially not my car's roof ," he says as he leaves.


"Chocolate," I scream.

I got off the roof and stood by the car.In a while I saw 4 cats coming from Different directions.
But like some squad they regrouped and made there way towards me.

I kept on staring at them. They at first stood a little away from me. Then on by one made their way towards me.

They just kept on staring at me.

One is so weird. It has huge eyes white skin .....

Okay the eyes are scary.

Shit it's coming towards me.

It came near my feet with its tail all waggling around in the air.


Now it just sat there and kept on staring.

The next moment it just meowed at me making my body shiver.


Maybe, I should sit on the roof. Before I can turn to my side and climb another cat which also had weird eyes stood there.






I tried the  shooo shhooo pussy car but it kept on bring them closer to me.


I see Markian coming. Thank god he's coming back. But I don't know how but one of the scary cats climbed my shoulders in a second and meowed.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" I scream.


It move ways but that bitch doesn't climb off. Markian on the other hand just stood there laughing.


For a minute he just stood there laughing but finally he keep the icecream on the car, opened the water bottle he had and threw it at me.

The cat ran off and so did the others.

I stood there with my perfectly straight hair wet.

He laughs at me again and i just stand there and stare at him.

I notice the ice on the car.


I hold it and climb the roof. He's still laughing.

He now finally stops and smiles at me. Holy shit such a genuine smile.


His Damn smile is so perfect. I literally wanna kiss him now.

"Why can't you just tell me how to feel, you're confusing me," he stands so close to me as These words escape his lips .

Yeah Markian you wanna know that?

I Annalise is thinking of kissing your perfect lips.

Like Oh geez Markian your lips look dry can I kiss them?

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