Why Wouldn’t He?

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Chapter 12




"Ariana don't fuck around with her little head," Markian said trying to push Ariana back on the back seat.


"Hey! pregnant woman here!," Ariana said trying to not let Markian touch her.

"You're really pregnant?" I ask as I turn to Ariana.


"Third child Baby," She responded as she pulls her window down and let's her head out.


"Yeah this dumb bitch has the house turned into a freak show. Those mumkins run around the house like it's theirs," Markian responded.


"It's my house too  asshole sooo my house means their house," she slams his head.


"Your house is your husbands house go back there..." he says.


"What ever you try or do Markyyy baby there is no way you'll get rid of me,"

She laughs evilly.


She lets her hand out of the window, letting the wind push them Back.

With her hands out she hits Markian from his open window.

"Stop distracting me," he groans.


She doesn't stop.

She starts poking him.


He ignores her for a minutes then he starts driving more faster.

"Hold on Annalise."

With saying that he moved the car left and then right.


Ariana falls in, "Markian you jerk!"

He does the same thing with the car again .

This time I lose balance and fall on his side hitting me body on his shoulder.


He smirks

"Jerk.." I whisper.


Before I could pull myself back he makes a harsh turn towards the forest making me hold him to gain balance.


After a few minutes of driving like a maniac in the forest he comes to a stop.


He turns to me with a smirk and I pull back .

"We're here," He says with a deep voice.


He gets out of the car and runs to open my door.

"After you ma'am," he acts all like a gentleman.


"Yo gentleman open for the pregnant lady too," Ariana says.


He rolls his eyes and opens it for her, "well thank you young man." She does the girlish  bent that royalties do and he bows in return


Okay weird.


"Come Annalise I'll take you to the spot where Markian likes to kiss his hook up girls," she says as she drags me.

"Markian!" I say.


"Ariana!" He says.


I loved it here.

Fallen  leaves surrounded the tree house like a barrier. There was poles attached to ropes to help people climb to the very top of the magnificent structure that was made.

A small swing set was hung at the bottom. The swings still rocked with the blowing, whistling wind. At the very tippy top, it was almost like a miniature home, with the windows that didn't have a single smudge.


"It's small but it's a good sex place," Ariana says while standing next to me.

"Ariana remember the rule number 17? NO SEX IN THE TREE HOUSE," he gives her the angry look.


"Oh shut up as if you didn't have sex here yet," she crosses her arms.


"I  don't ruin my privacy, I can't have any cry baby come here saying 'baby I love you so fuck me' " he says, "Means only the guys know about this place and Non of us is gay."


"Shut up there are 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom and a bloody living room. So enough space for me to fuck, plus there is a  'Myyyyy' room too ," she says as she starts climbing.


Okay she's talkive as fuck.

She climbs up which is like 15 ft above the ground.

"Go on Annalise climb it. I'll be standing just down here to catch you."

I start climbing. As I reach the top Ariana gives me a hand. It's tiring and I start to sweat.

We stand near the door on this surface created by wood.

Markian climbs up too and makes his way to the door.

Searching his pocket he takes out a key.

While opens the door I look down.


Wow this is high.

"Ehem," I hear someone and turn to see Markian standing inside.

"Come on in."

I walk in.

"You are the first girl I bought here so feel lucky," he whispers to me.

It's magnificent in here. I never really liked tree houses because they were high but I like it already.


It's a small living room with here a 50 inch LCD is literally placed inside the wall.

There are small electric heaters to keep the place warm.


Instead of sofas there were those huge cushions to sit on.

Two Dices were kept with the cushions.

Markian went and sat on one of the Dice and it lowered down.

Foam dices nice.


Ariana stood near the small open kitchen sink. She opened the lower cupboard and it had a small fridge inside it, "need anything to drink?"

"No thank you," I replied.


I went and sat on the other Dice. Ariana just laid on the cushions eating apples. 

There was a small gallery too.

We sat there and talked about a lot of things. I came to know that this tree house can hold up to 30 people.

I am told that Ariana made their family have Christmas dinner here last year.


But she never did that again because her kids got extra excited and tried pushing each other off the gallery.

And joe showed up too so yeah they got extra hyped up.

I didn't know how time passed so quick. His sister is very talkative and kind hearted.


I got to know about him family too. They own a mall here and some department stores.

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