Why Wouldn’t He?

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Chapter 13





"Kalina stop laughing," I say when she giggles again.

Sir gave us the look again that he gave a minute ago.

"Stop laughing you two before I assign you different seats away from each other," he says as he rolls his eyes.

I know if I'll start laughing, it would be one hell of an annoying one.

There this thing with me. Once I start laughing it won't stop easily.


It's been like 2 weeks since I have been taking a biology class and it's fun somewhat.


Sir is a doctor and he just teaches for fun,

In his class, you are allowed to ask any question at any moment.

Plus as he's a doctor so you can ask him all the crazy doctors stuff and he would answer.


"So Wait if there's a tumor, it's can be cured, " I ask as look down at the topic.


"Annalise Tumors like these are rare like 0.03% in the human population but some institutions have found the cure but they won't reveal it easily," He says in his dortorish serious tone.


"So there is a cure?" I ask.

"There is a cure for everything they just need to be found." He says

After 5 minutes he's starts talking about faeces (human waste/ shit/poop) and both me and Kalina lose it.


Kalina has this silent innocent laugh while I laugh like a maniac.

What he is teaching isn't funny but by seeing Kalina giggle makes me wanna laugh more.


I can't stop.

Everyone is staring at me.


"And then in that case, we have to put our finger in......," sir says.

Kalina whispers, "finger in and out.... oh know there is shit on my finger."


And we both burst into laughter.


Sir gives us the look again and say, "ladies please."

He says that and we laugh even more. Now none of us can breathe.

I hit Kalina while laughing and she points fingers at me.

We laugh Again.


"You two won't shut up so I'll just continue," And he continues, "usually I have to deal with patients in whom I put the finger and there is  faeces on my glove."


And we lose it again, "oh shit there is shit on my finger."

We both laugh even louder.


I hit Kalina and she hits me back.

I pick up my bag and while still laughing point Kalina to the door, "I think we should leave."


She continues laughing and we both leave.

Our laughs echo the hall. And we run to the bathroom.


"You know what?" Kalina says in excitement.

"What?" I say still trying to control my laughter.


She brings her finger up near my nose, "I'll finger you ass .... oh look there's poop ahhh!"


And we both break into laughter again. 

We try laughing but broke into it again,

"Ahhhh! Doctor the patient's Poop is on my finger....." and we both continue laughing.


"You know Anna... that boy... tony," I see how she acts.

Her fingers still trembling from laughing and her face all red.

The tears in her eyes have started to ruin her mascara already.


"His voice is so funny..." with hearing what she is saying I broke into laughter.


"Like Barbie voice," I laugh.

"Sir why is the butt hole big," I repeat what tony said in a Barbie voice.

And we both break into laughter.

"Shit we should definitely head back to class," she says while wiping her tears.


She stands up to set her hair and gives me a hand, "get up we have to head back to class."

I get up.

With more 5 minutes of calming our selves with a deep breath, we head back to class.


When we walk in Sir rolls his eyes at us. I can see he's losing his shit with us already but I pretend I don't.


Let me tell you something about him. He's a doctor ... in fact, some surgeon.

He only takes 1 period in this school and leaves for his hospital job.


He's short though, like 5'5 but extremely smarts.

In relation to humor, his medical-related humor is lit.

And his best quality ......in short his power is his hearing.


He can hear way more than anyone can, like if someone whispers at the back of the class he can clearly hear it.

How do I know?


He mentioned it more than once andddddd his ears stand up, you can say become alerted like that of animals.


Whispering in his class is a mistake because he can hear it.

Even in the 21 century he uses a Nokia, has social media but doesn't use it much.


"Both of you sit away..." he says as he continues to draw a kidney on the board.

I notice that he has already made changes. Someone sat on our seats leaving 2 seats that are extremely away from each other empty.


"I already made arrangements for you two..." he says from his back that faced us.


I can feel him smirk.

I go sit at the one at the back of the class while Kalina is left with sitting really close to the teacher's desk.

Sir goes on exposing stuff and then suddenly Tony ask a question.The way he said Nephron like nepeeerons made it sooo funny.


I try not to laugh by holding my mouth. Soon I get a text from Kalina


she giggles as she looks at me.

"Both of  you stop texting or I'll take your phones away."


After saying that Sir continues to draw and explain on the board but Tony speaks again and both me a Kalina lose our shits.

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