Why Wouldn’t He?

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Chapter 14







“You know, I would lovveee to meet this Markian,” Lola said while making pancakes.


“And the others too.... Joe the funny one. Molly and the rest,” she continued.


“We can go have dinner or have it here,” she says while putting another pancake on my plate.


“good morning,” walked in Lisa while rubbing her eyes. She was still in her night suit.


“Good morning,” me and Lola say in unison.


“Why aren’t you dressed for school,” I say while putting butter on my pancakes.

“Sick leave baby,” she says while sitting next to me.


“Honeeyyyy 3 pancakes or 4,” Lola asks.

“4 please,” she replies while blowing a kiss at Lola.


Lola catches it and walks with a frying pan next to her.

“One, two, threee anddddd fourrrr,” She says.


Then Lola tuns to the fridge takes out chocolate milk and pours it into 3 glasses.

They she takes out honey and passes it to Lisa, “here’s the honey baby.”


“Thanks, Lola,” She says while digging into her pancakes.


“You know what let's go out for a movie today,” suggested Lisa.

“Toy Story 4 is out in cinemas wanna go?” I say.


“I’ll book the tickets for tonight,” says Lola.


“Yeah I’ll be back by 2 and we can go after 5 so I can complete some work,” I say while taking my last bite.


I grab my stuff and leave, “bye guys.”


“Bye baby,” Lola screams.




“Markian what does this mean?” I ask while staring down at the card he gave me.


“It says ‘Tues la lumière dans mes ténèbres’ “


“Tu es What?” I ask while giving him the look.


“It means,” he comes closer and kisses my cheek, “you’re the light to my darkness.”


He starts moving to class. He stops and turns back, “are you going to stand there red all day or are you going to head to class?”


“I’m not.......” I turn to my car and look at the window.

Never mind I shouldn’t say it. Because I’m red no doubt.


I walk to class. Jay Molly and Andrew are already there.

I sit next to Jay. He turns and laughs at me.


“Are you laughing,” I ask while being curious.


“Because you’re still red,” he chuckles.


“No, I am notttt,” I almost try not to blush at that.


“Look Annalise see Molly and Andrew at the front?” He says pointing at them.


Molly is explaining something to Andrew, she’s giving nonstop serious looks to Andrew on whatever she’s explaining to him but Andrew won’t stop smiling after every second.


“I know what you think all fairytales and Hot charming prince....BUT,” he stops and stares at me closely.

“and it ain't gonna happen Annalise.”


He looks away and takes out a book.

“Wait what do you mean?” I ask making him look up at me.


Jay blew his Jet black hair away from his face. He gave me a straight face like ‘you’re doomed in the dungeon of misery

‘This dream boy you’re thinking is a complete asshole’


“All I’m saying Annalise that this dream boy or Prince Charming is a messed up idiot who cries over his dead squirrel when he’s drunk.”


He continues, “it’s not going to work like...,” he points at Molly and Andrew now.


“Andrew that stupid he’s not an ass!” Molly says harshly.

“If you’re not such a pain in the ass maybe he wouldn’t be too!” She continues.


Jay snaps his finger in front of my eyes, “see that.”


I keep on staring at Molly and Andrew they are arguing. Their fingers raising at each other and Molly acting angrier than Andrew.


“And this!” Jay pulls a card in front of me.

I look at the card. Wait! It’s the one Markian gave me.


I try snatching it from him. But I can’t reach his hands.

So high....

“Do you know what this means!” He says bring the open card to my face.


I reply while snatching the card from me, “means something like you’re my light to the dark something closely related....” I give him a confused look.


“Nooo!! Don’t tell me he lied to youuuu.” He says while stopping me from placing the card in one of my books.....

“It means you’re unbearable and a mindless freak!”


I hit him, “stop lying. Why would he write that?”


“Because He’s a depressed jerk!”

He continues, “he’s fooling you!”

“Look!” He points at Molly and Andrew again.


“Molly and Andrew are barely making their one work.”

“And it’s because of how depressed Markian is about his dead Squirrel!”


“Jay you’re crazy,” I push him a little.


“Then listen to them!” Jay points at Molly and Andrew.


I eavesdrop them with Jay and I hear them.

“You’re an ass okay the squirrel didn’t suicide,” said Molly.


“The squirrel died in an accident!” Replied Andrew.


“You were the reason Mr. Squirrel died. BOTTLES AND VODKA HUHH!!” Molly because aggressive.


“Guys!” I say because I don’t trust Jay at all. I’m 100% sure he’s lying.

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