Will You Remember Then?

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The Schedule

Just as she stepped out of the room, Charlene, her classmate in high school who promised to visit her,  came in.

"Charlene! "

"Lyz! "

Allie cried hard right away at her display of sympathy. Since they arrived in this hospital,  it had only been  her parents who were around to support her. Yet,  she could not cry in front of them. She could not tell the impending doom inside her heart due to fear and pain. She could not tell them any negative things that would scare them. She was just like a clown,  smiling and laughing though her heart was bleeding.

After telling her what happened, Charlene requested to see the child. The moment she saw her edematous or bloated body due to generalized infection medically called as "sepsis", she got so scared. She was also a mother herself, and to imagine her child in many tubings and gasping for breath,  scared her to death. She hurriedly went out and cried with Allie.

Just then,  the nurse assigned to her baby approached them. Seeing that an important matter was likely to be discussed, she excused herself and went home. Allie was left alone again in carrying her burden.

"Ma'am,  I would just like to inform you that the schedule of baby Chloe's CT scan will be at six in the afternoon. "

Allie glanced up at the wall clock by the hallway. It was still 
2 pm. There were still four hours to wait and four hours of gasping and labored breathing for Chloe. That was just irreasonable! Every second and single minute mattered and her child's life was hung by the thread!

"Miss, can I talk at the personnel -in-charge of the CT scan? I would beg them to move the schedule  earlier. Having nothing to do in the coming four hours would all the more shorten the chance of my child's survival. " Tears were already streaming abundantly down her face.

The pediatric surgeon who happened to hear them, asked the nurse to call the big hospital where the CT scan was scheduled,  and let him talk to them. The nurse hurriedly did as requested. Negotiations were made and the schedule was finally moved to 3 pm!

Allie glanced up at the clock again and realized that there were barely 40 minutes left.

"Miss,  can you let me get inside an empty room for a while? " The bewildered nurse, though without a word,  looked up at her wondering why was she asking for it.

The nurse surprisingly granted her request and soon,  she was inside an empty patient's room. Locking up the door hurriedly,  she went further inside a spacious bathroom, then fell down on her knees and cried!  The clock was ticking fast and there were already 30 minutes left.

In deep anguish, she cried hard unto God. Until at that moment, God knew that she did not have a single cent to pay for the CT scan. And until now,  she did not know where to get it.

"Lord, " She began murmuring the things she kept in her heart.

"If that sick woman who touched the hem of your dress got healed by faith,  I also requested the CT scan schedule to be moved closer by faith. If it is according to your will that my daughter be healed then provide me the money I need.  I no longer have time left but I believe you have thousand ways. If you are able to make a beautiful flower which are just plucked off in the fields or that intricate wonders of nature which are the works of your Hands, my problem is just too tiny in your eyes. Just, please touch her and my baby will no longer need the surgery. "

After this, she wailed bitterly and rolled down on the floor. She felt that her eyes were already expelling bloody tears which matched the pain inside her heart.

Then her thoughts went to Ajie and his promise.

"Why do you leave me alone in this? When you promised to love me,  did you only mean it when everything is doing well? Where are you now? Why aren't you coming back? "

Due to her instensed crying, she did not realized that the thirty minutes was already over. She heard a soft knocking on the door and she knew that it was already the nurse.

The moment she stood up, her phone sounded endlessly, notifying her of the messages.

"Ms.  Allyza,  an amount of... was sent to you via Palawan/Cebuana/MLhuiller....You may claim it with a valid ID. "

There was not only one or two messages but there were many, and those were from the people she had not heard many years ago.

She cried hard again and this time, it was because of the immediate and unexpected way God had answered her prayer!

There was a soft knocking again at the door and it was, indeed,  the nurse she was expecting.But instead of informing her that the ambulance personnel had arrived,  she went inside the room and closed the door behind her.

"Ma'am, if you still do not have the money,  just use the money I have here. "

Allie's eyes widened in awe and surprise that she bawled her eyes out again. How did she know it?  Did her insistence lately to move the schedule showed the fact that she did not have the money? Or course,  one would think that she had it. Why would she ask for a closer schedule otherwise?

Hugging the nurse,  she realized that God still does a miracle these days and miracles could be in the form of someone's kindness and thoughtfulness. And angels are still sent nowadays to rescue His children in need in human form!



Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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