Will You Remember Then?

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The CT scan was personally attended by the pediatric surgeon and right after the procedure, the doctor went to see her.

"Miss Allyza,  the CT scan still does not show what caused the obstruction. You have to decide now. If we will do the surgery right now, successful or not,  at least we are doing something to save her. Since we can't see the problem through diagnostic imaging, so it means we have to open up and see what really is the problem inside. " The doctor tried to explain the situation clearly.

"But if you still need time to think about it,  the child may not be able to wait! "

Allie's heart was shattered once again. What could be expected from the surgery of a three -month -old baby? What would be the possible outcome? If the child would survive,  how would it affect her later mentally and physically?  Chloe would be undergoing a general anesthesia and she was afraid of the adverse reactions.

She was asking God until this time for a miracle. A miracle that would spare her from the surgery. Yet, she realized that God uses instruments and the doctors and the rest of the medical team are one.

"And Miss Allyza, right after the surgery,  your child must be admitted to the ICU. She will also be handled by a pediatric intensivist, a physician who handles critical patients. "

"She also needs immediate blood transfusions because of severe blood loss as well as potassium and albumin corrections before we could start the surgery. If not, she may not be cleared. "

All these were defeaning sentences against Allie's ears. ICU admission alone, not to mention the surgery,  needed a great amount of downpayment. The money she collected was not too big to be able to cover the expenses. It was only a little more than the amount for the CT scan and her expensive medications. What was left with her would just be enough to buy those units of blood he ordered. His means of nutrition to sustain her was also given intravenously and those, too,  were expensive.

What made her hold on was the immediate answer God gave her when she asked if her child would be able to make it. He would not give her the miracle of finding the money for the CT scan and for her other expenses if He would just allow her to lose her life.

Her thoughts flew back to the incidence when she prayed for the CT scan payment. How did her friends know about her daughter's condition and why were they sending her money?

After a deep thinking, she understood.  When Charlene came to visit them,  she must have informed their other classmates who were now working in other countries. The softness of her heart made God use her as the channel of providing for her baby's needs.

Her next problem was the surgery and the ICU admission. What would she do?  Then, she thought of asking a favor from the hospital management!  She would talk to the head who handled the patient's business and accounts.

She asked again for an empty room to tell God of her worries and His another intervention for the surgery. She asked that may He would touch the heart of the person she would be talking to.

An hour later,  she was already sitting in front of the  patient's business head. Contrary to her expectation, the head threw her lots of insulting words which were too hard to digest. Helpless because she was the one in need,  she just stooped down and cried.

"Sir, if I need to serve your institution to be able to pay the favor you will give for my daughter, I would be very much willing to do so..." She said in between her sobs.

"Okay, Miss Allyza, you have to choose  only one. ICU admission or the surgery?  Then find another means for the second one. "

His option made her sob loudly.

"Sir, I'm afraid I no longer have the time. Please,  give me both. "

The head stood up and walk out while shaking his head.

"That's impossible,  Miss. How could you guarantee that you will be able to pay right after this?" He said as he glanced at her over his shoulder.

Allyza hurriedly stood up and  followed after him.

"Sir, please. Do this for the life of my daughter..."

Allyza saw that there were many eyes directed at her. Yet, ignoring her sense of inferiority, shame and self - pity,  she followed him while crying.

"Miss, you are not the only one I am refusing to. Everyday, I am talking to people with several problems like yours. Please understand that this hospital couldn't survive if I would be soft to all people who are struggling financially."

"Sir,  please... "

Finally, after who knew how much pleading she did,  the patient business head conceded and gave her the approval.

When she returned to the room,  one of her friends from a youth organization she belonged, was there. With her, was someone she had not met before.

"Lyz, I'm so sorry for what happened to your daughter. We will include her in our special prayers. "

"Thank you,  Anne. " She smiled weakly and hugged her friend tightly. 
When she released her,  she turned to the person who was with her.

"Lyz,  please met Andrew,  a close friend of mine. He is new to the group. " Then,  she turned to Andrew. 
"Andrew, this is my friend Allyza. "

They both shook hands and the three talked for some time. Allie's tears who had just dried,  turned to river again as she told them her story.

Then,  Andrew broke his silence. He was, perhaps , five years older than her. He looked gentle and friendly.

"Lyz, is there a prayer room here? "
He asked, making Allie stare at him.

"I think... " She answered.

"May we go there? "

"Sure. '

Anne stood up ahead but instead of leading them to the prayer room,  she excused herself and left ahead.

Andrew and Allie walked slowly towards the chapel while conversing about anything. When they were finally inside, Andrew guided her to a bench to sit down.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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