Will You Remember Then?

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The Surgery

Andrew's music had long faded into the background but Allie did not wake up. Seeing that she was deeply asleep, he stood up and sat  beside her. It gave her an unrestricted opportunity to look at her closely. Her eyes already had dark circles around. Perhaps,  she had not slept for a long time. She looked too tired but it did not conceal her beautiful features. She wore no make up and her long,  brown hair was tied into a  messy ponytail. She looked so young, and too young to experience such fear and agony.His heart ached at the thought of it and he swore to do something to help her.

He waited for four hours until Allie finally stirred.She got startled and that she hurriedly sprang into her feet.

"Chloe..." She blurted out but then saw Andrew napping by her side.

Just as she stepped forward,  Andrew woke up.

"Andrew,  I'm sorry. You should have left while I was asleep.

"It's alright. "

"The music was so beautiful. Can you play again next time? "

Andrew smiled and briefly replied.

"Sure. "

Andrew was a degree holder in music,  major in piano. He was a skilled musician and could play multiple string instruments aside from piano. He regularly played in famous hotels, either as a solo performer or with  an ensemble. He also had regular coaching schedules in different music school.

He  joined the "Youth In Action" organization when,  one time,  he was invited by Anne to play in one of their special events. Inspired by the objectives of the group,  he accepted Anne's invitation to join them.

"Andrew, you may now go. It's already late. I need to see my daughter. "

Andrew nodded and they both went out of the room together. Allie went directly to her daughter's room and found out that the blood transfusions were delayed because of  constant infiltration or inflammation of Chloe's IV sites. When the pediatrician - on - duty came in with the nurse to reinsert an intravenous line,  she shuddered. Even adults are scared of needles, how much more children do?

Watching the doctor as she tried to blindly insert the needle and failed,  she grimaced in pain. And when she tried to do another blind shooting, Allie could no longer bear to watch it. Though Chloe was too weak too resist,  Allie could still imagine the pain. She hurriedly went inside the bathroom and cried.

When she finally went out after thirty minutes,  the reinsertion was already successful. To her surprise,  Andrew was there again.

"Andrew! You're still here? "

"I just bought food outside. You need to eat. " He smiled as he explained.

"Oh... thank you. "

"My pleasure. "

Andrew distributed the food to her parents and to both of them. Allie still had no appetite but out of respect to his thoughtfulness,  she sat down to eat.

"Go home now,  Andrew, and thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. " Allie told him when everyone of them had finished their food.

"Okay. When will be the surgery? "

"The doctor who was just here informed us that it would be in early morning. Please include her in your prayers. "

Andrew gave her a pursed smile and nodded sincerely.  After he left,  Allie went to the prayer room again. She logged in to her social media account and sent a message to Youth In Action's group chat.

"This is urgent. Whatever religious denomination you are into,  please gather around together with your respective church members and please pray for the success of my daughter's surgery. " Allie felt that if there would be many of them to pray in her behalf,  the greater the chance would be for her child's survival.

Many replies soon popped out. One of them even informed her that she was calling all her church members to do a marathon prayer that night until morning. Some got the idea and they also agreed to the same. Allie felt secured and humbled in knowing that she was not alone. Many were praying for them and it was worth more than her financial needs. She also did not sleep that night. She spent all the hours pleading to God for the surgery's success.

While the child was wheeled in to the operating room, Allie did not cry anymore. She had the feeling of peace and assurance in her heart. She expected either a successful surgery or a call from the operating room to inform her that the surgery would be cancelled because the child was miraculously healed. Until that moment, she was still afraid of that surgical blades which would cut her child's abdomen.

She sent her parents home to rest since after the surgery,  Chloe would be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). They wouldn't be using the room anymore since they would be staying at the ICU watcher's lounge.  She also wanted to be alone since their presence would keep her from being herself.  Crying her heart out would be impossible with them around.

She waited at the entrance of the operating room and continued her silent prayer. Few minutes after, she felt a light tap at her shoulder. It was Andrew again, bringing two bags of groceries and fruits.

"The surgery would surely take long. How about continuing your meditation in the prayer room? I'll play again for you. "

She gladly accepted. She needed the soothing sound of music to fill into her souls again. Once there,  Andrew ran his fingers over the keys again and the first piece he played was one of her favorite songs she memorized so well. It was titled,  "It Is Well With My Soul", written by Philip Paul Bliss & Christopher C. Spafford.

Just when she thought that her tears had dried up already from so much crying, it fell like torrents again as her mind sang the song. She felt  the message in every line heartily as she also thought how the song was written.

"When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say,
It is well, it is well with my soul.
It is well with my soul,
It is well, it is well with my soul."

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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