Will You Remember Then?

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Something Ridiculous

"You don't have to. I must leave now so I can work on it. I'll leave you my number. Call me if there's anything I can help you with. "

When Andrew left,  she thought of possible ways  to raise the fund. But her train of thoughts was suddenly halted when Anne called her up.

"Lyz,  can you please make a solicitation letter? I'm going to send it to my sisters who are both active in each of their respective organizations. I had already talked to them about your daughter's case and one of them said that she's willing to make some fund - raising for her. She's also planning to bake cupcakes to sell it after their meetings and the proceeds will be for baby Chloe. "

Happy about the idea,  she hurriedly went home to write one and sent it right away to her.

"Lyz,  if it's also okay with you,  I will forward this letter to our group chat so that they can also forward it to their friends. "

Anne was another angel and she got so overwhelmed upon realizing  her thoughtfulness. She first introduced her to Andrew who,  in turn, promised to do concerts for a cause. She thought about all these and couldn't believe in the wonderful turn of events.

While she leaned her back on their couch and opened her social media account, she learned that Andrew had posted a poster about his charity concerts as well as the venues.

Anne followed with her posting of the solicitation letter and soon, many volunteered to do solicitations.

She was also thinking of sending the same letter to her friends but since there were only few of them,  she thought of looking for any email addresses she could find on boxes, sachets and in the internet. Who knew if she'd be fortunate enough?

While scanning into her emails,  a news heading popped out as her phone vibrated for the notification.

She opened one and read it.

"The Top10 World said that the estimated net worth of Willie Revillame,  a Filipino businessman, a television host and an artist,  including the first two quarters of 2018 is at $25M  or 1.3 billion in peso, making him one of the richest Filipino celebrities. "

"Meanwhile,  a professional boxer and politician in the Philippines,  Pacquiao has amassed a vast fortune over the past 24 years. Per Celebrity Net Worth, Pacquiao has a net worth of $190 million. As of 2018, Nat Berman of MoneyInc.com noted Pacquiao is the fourth-highest-earning boxer in history."

After reading this,  she came up with an idea. These two public figures were known for their generosities. They were both giving livelihood showcases, housing programs and hospitalization aids, so perhaps, she could try her luck. It may sound funny, but she hurriedly called Anne to meet her in a mall.

"Anne, look at this. " Allie showed her two long and white envelopes the moment Anne arrived.

"What's that? " Anne asked,  dying of curiousity for being urgently requested.

"I'm planning to send a solicitation letter to these two. " Allie then narrated how she came up with the idea.

Anne giggled and almost popped her eyeballs out. It sounded too ridiculous! It seemed too impossible to be given a chance to be heard. But she did not object, anyway. She even led the way to a branch of LBC,  a courier,  cargo and logistics  company.

After filling out the forms and submitting it to the teller,  the latter frowned and cast them a contemptous look.

"Miss,  are you really sure they are the receivers? The teller looked at her, doubtful of their appeareances.

Allie realized her folly and she got so ashamed that she got pale. The teller must have guessed their intentions. Wasn't it too obvious, sending two letters simultaneously to two famous celebrities? Before Allie could retract,  Anne went over to the teller threateningly.

"Why, is there any problem with that?" Anne raised a brow at her which made her sharp look intimidating.

"No, ma'am, sorry! " The teller instantly apologized and resumed to her encoding.

Once they were outside,  Allie almost fainted in shame and regret. It was, indeed, too ridiculous of her.

"It's alright. The burden you bear would make anyone go desperate. And it is always during those times that we do ridiculous decisions. "

Days passed by and Chloe's attachments were gradually pulled out and what remained was her IV line for her antibiotics. She was then transferred to a regular room. She was now awake and alert and her feeding was resumed. Only that,  only breastmilk was allowed.

Due to so much stress and helplessness,  she couldn't produce enough milk. No matter what kind of lactating milk and supplements she took, still her production was too slow.

"I'll come everyday and breastfeed Chloe. " Anne offered,  to her another surprise.

She had a son who was a year older than Chloe and she was blessed with overflowing production of milk. But of course,  she couldn't be there all the time. She also had her routines and activities aside from feeding her own son. Yet for a time,  it was still a great blessing for Chloe.  

One morning, during one of the surgeon's daily round, he made an announcement.

"We just have to complete her IV antibiotics for 14 days and then you can go home. Just learn how to clean her up through that stoma or opening in her lower abdomen we called ileostomy. You will need assistance in doing that because the process is continous especially that the baby's feeding has resumed. The drainage from that ileostomy is harsh and will cause an erosion to her skin. "

"Is there anything we can do to prevent the leakage?  " Allie sighed at the thought of it. She couldn't afford another cause of pain to the child.

"There is what we called as ileostomy bag. Unfortunately, the available sizes are too big for her that it won't seal up the opening."

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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