Will You Remember Then?

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The Stranger

"Sir, will you please fill out the patient's information sheet? " A nurse approached him and handed him a sheet of paper after a Post - Graduate Intern did an assessement and interview with him about the incident.

Ajie stared blanky at the nurse as he was lost in his thoughts for a while. He did not know  the man and he even never met him before. Would he be accused of his injury as no one was there to witness the incident? Ajie shuddered at the thought...But how could he allow himself to be haunted by his conscience if he would just left him there to die?  However,  what bothered him more was the fact why he was carried emotionally.  Perhaps, it was something about himself that he didn't knew it existed. Perhaps,  he really had a heart for those oppressed, for those who were helpless...

Pulling himself together, he looked at the nurse in the eye and told him the truth.

"I don't know who he is,  I just saw him fell... He's a complete stranger to me.... "

The doctors and the rest of the ER team paused at what they were doing as they overheard him telling his story.

"Please do everything necessary  to help him recover. I'd be a call away. I'll leave my number. " Ajie said sincerely.

Then,  the surgeon -on - duty came over. He looked at Ajie closely before he explained.

"Sir,  this is not a simple thing. We had to do surgeries. First,  for his fractured arm and after the CT scan,  we would then know if he also needs another surgery for his brain. "

"The patient has no identification cards or even bank cards to let us know who he is. We can either report the incident to the media or wait until he gets conscious to protect his rights for confidentiality. "

"Whatever is best,  doc. "

Then,  a medical technologist came in to give them his stat laboratory results. The doctor scanned the pages quickly  then turned to Ajie worriedly.

"Sir, your patient needs a blood transfusion due to the bleeding. Since we don't have a blood bank here yet, would you also be willing to do  the screening as a blood donor? "

Ajie quickly imagined himself in needles and blood that he got to scared. But somehow,  he couldn't refuse. His heart was really drawn to that man. A sense of pity he would feel for his own father. He had started this,  therefore,  he would end this. Come what may.

"Okay, doc. I'll do it! "

While at the laboratory later for the blood extraction, the med tech was very accomodating. He talked to him about anything, perhaps,  to divert his attention. He must have seen how his face turned pale the moment he saw the needle.

"Sir,  if you need more blood for transfusion,  we have a spare unit for release here because the patient, who is a baby,  does not need it anymore. The mother intends to sell to anybody in need for additional 
fund. "

"That's a good news!  May I talk to the mother? "

"You may look for her in Room 343.
The patient's name is Chloe Reyes. "

"Reyes? "

"Yes,  sir. "

His heart skipped a beat. How was this patient related to Allyza Reyes? Perhaps, just perhaps,  the mother could give him a lead in finding  Allie again.

Hours later,  he found himself knocking at Room 343. All of a sudden,  he got uneasy. He just couldn't explain why. Perhaps,  its because of the similarity of the family name.

"Yes,  sir? " A young woman opened the door for him.

"Good evening,  ma'am. I'm here to arrange for the purchase of a unit of blood which the patient does not need anymore. " Ajie explained as he gazed into the eyes of the woman,  hoping she could be Allie's relative and that she would recognize him.

"Ah, the blood. Yes,  I know that but the child's mom is not yet here. Can you just come back, please?"

Ajie nodded,  suddenly feeling frustrated. Then, his eyes were drawn to the  child in the bed. He saw the white bandage...the nurse draining a fluid from a pouch below the bandage. Goosebumps suddenly spread all throughout his body that he suddenly had the urge to cry. Perhaps,  he thought,  from being emotional a while ago...

"What happened to the baby? "Ajie couldn't hold his curiousity anymore.

"She just underwent a surgery due to an obstruction in her small

"But she is still so little.. "Ajie exclaimed,  feeling thousand pricks into his heart as his eyes coudn't move away from her. He, suddenly,  had the longing to lift her into his arms and draw her close to his heart. But she looked so delicate!

"Yes,  three months old. "

"What... "

Staying another minute would really rob him off of his guards against his tears,  so he stood up and excused himself.

"I'll be back,  ma'am. By the way,  my name is Adrian. "

"Thank you,  sir. My name is Anne. I'll surely inform the mother. I'm just being requested to take care of the baby while she's out for a while. "

Once Ajie was out of the room,  he was really emotionally disturbed by the sight. Her bloating body,  the bandage,  the red,  raw tissues below the surgical wound. How was the mother able to handle all of this?

Feeling suffocated with his bursting emotion,  he decided to go back to ate Elsa's place. He dropped by the billing department and left an amount according to the estimated cost of that unidentified man's admission and procedure.

"Miss, should you need more,  just please inform me. "

He knew that spending his money for that unidentified man in a private  hospital would create him financial troubles soon. This proceeds in selling a land property was intended for his studies but he was now spending almost all of it for someone whose name he did not even know. Yet,  he did not feel a sense of regret. Thinking of that child,  he recalled what the med tech said.

Marilyn Lucero

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