Will You Remember Then?

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The Mystery

"You're Adrian James Gonzaga,  right? " She looked at him with a triumphant expression.

Ajie froze in his place, wondering why she knew him. Though he spent two years in college in this city but he didn't have many friends as his world rotated only around studies and Allie.

"Yes,  but I am better known as Ajie. Allie only call me by that name when she is angry. " A smile broke out in his face as he moved his eyes to her,  to Dr. Jane's amusement.

"How sweet of you." She said as her eyes flickered with thrill.

" By the way,  I cannot wait for another day to talk to you. Can you please see me at my office later? "

"I'm already nervous. " Ajie admitted openly which pleased Dr. Jane more. 
Then she turned to Allie. "Miss Lyz,  can you lend me Ajie for a while? I just want to treat Andrew a dinner first then I will talk to him afterwards. "

"He's the one to decide,  doc. " She said awkwardly though a weak smile remained plastered in her face.

"Lover's quarrel? " Dr. Jane chuckled out loudly.

"I really wonder how it feels to love and to be loved. " She blurted out carelessly which perhaps made her regret right afterwards.

"Perhaps because you're choosy and intimidating." There was honesty in Ajie's tone though he seemed to be joking.

Dr. Jane laughed out loud,  no one had ever dared to tell her that.

"I like your straightforwardness, Mr.  Adrian James. I guess we could be great friends from now on. "

"As long as you call me Ajie,  doc. "

"That's if you will also call me Jane. "

"Deal. Now, go and have dinner with Andrew. I can't wait to know what is it  that you want to talk about. "

A jolly conversation was then carried on since Ajie matched the enthusiasm Dr. Jane initiated. Allie and Andrew may had joined in but both of them were still uncomfortable with her presence.

This side of Ajie was new to Allie. Perhaps because in the past, she was his sole companion. She knew he was a top grader and an awardee 
but she had never seen him in a group interaction. It never occured to her that he was very good in carrying out a conversation and in sharing brilliant ideas. His sense of humour perked in and she felt she did not knew him anymore.

Dr. Jane was indeed enjoying. She grew up in full formalities and all her life,  she was treated with utmost respect. All the people she came across with spoke to her with great care. Ajie was the first stranger who joked around with her. And she was liking it.

Andrew, on the other hand,  was not happy. He felt flattered and proud to be admired by a somebody like Dr.Jane but after witnessing how their conversation went on, his spirit was dampened. He just couldn't accept that a mere eloquence would topple down his glory.

Andrew cast him a stolen glance. Until when was he going to defeat him?  He was already defeated in the past and it seemed that he was also defeating him again in the present. And in this new game he had just started to play, it looked like he was losing again.  

He deepened his stolen stares at him and exclaimed,  " Adrian James, let's play on, it's not game over yet! "


While inside an expensive restaurant Dr. Jane had booked for them,  Andrew  also tried to bring out a pleasant atmosphere. He talked about music and any interesting things he could think to which Dr. Jane listened attentively. The longer he talked to her,   the more he got confused. She displayed the same enthusiasm she showed with Ajie earlier. Did she have a personality disorder?  Why did it seem that she easily like men? Didn't she hinted earlier that she's not into any relationship yet?

"Doc,  would you have no problem with your boyfriend if you go out with someone else? "

Dr. Jane laughed. "I have no boyfriend yet but I think I'm into someone. "

"He must be so fortunate,  doc. "

"No,  it's just the same way around. "

It only took them an hour and a half to finish their dinner and soon,  Andrew dropped her in the campus.

"Til next,  Mr. Andrew. Thank you so much. "She said as soon as she got out from the car.

"I am already looking forward, doc. "
He replied,  feeling his self on the ninth cloud.

She waved him a hand before she went inside the gate. Andrew did not leave right away until a taxi pulled over. He was already expecting who would alight from it. He rolled down the window as soon as the taxi left. He quickly looked around and saw that the surroundings was already very quiet.

"Adrian, let's play a fair game. " Ajie turned to his direction and looked at him calmly.

"I told you many times, Andrew,  that there is no reason to compete. Just learn to accept and move on. "

With this, Andrew zoomed out and disappeared from Ajie's sight in just a second.

A guard came out from the gate and approached Ajie who was still staring at the road.

"Mr. Ajie? "

Ajie snapped back to reality when he heard him and he smiled.

"Yes. "

"Please,  come with me. "

He followed the guard through the sprawling garden of beautiful flowers and rows of trees. Then,  at the far side, rows of buildings came into view.  Once they reached the first one,  the guard led him to one of the doors. He then knocked and without waiting for an answer,  he opened the door.

"Ajie,  come in. "

Dr. Jane was seated behind her desk when he stepped inside. A warm smile welcomed him as she gestured for him sit down in front of her. He breathed heavily as he fixed his eyes at her, wondering what kind of drama awaited him. He already anticipated that it must be something related to Andrew.

Dr. Jane's smile came wider as she sensed his unnecessary nervousness.

"Adrian,  we had daddy's case investigated to rule out a foul play but nothing showed except for the presented cause of his accident. Fortunately, he woke up and confirmed everything. "

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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