Will You Remember Then?

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The Gift

After the interview, lunch followed. They gathered on the long table and discussed many things about business , drug campaign and politics. Getting bored on such topics,  Jane stood up,  went to the dessert table and picked up two  slices of black sambo in separate small plates.

"Jie, try this. My favorite hors  d'oeuvre. " She said as she put down the plate in front of Ajie.

Ajie picked up a fork and took a bite. 
Watching him chew,  she eagerly waited for him to comment on the taste. They didn't know that all eyes were secretly glancing at them.

"Yummy,  right?" Jane couldn't almost wait for his answer.

Ajie nodded but his expression was not convincing.

"Wait. " She stood up again and brought a slice of blueberry cheesecake.

"How about this? Try. " Her eyes glowed in anticipation that he would also like it.

"Yes. "

"What's yes? Which one is
yummier? " She chuckled softly in frustration.

Ajie bent down and whispered in her ear.  "I'm sorry I'm not used to this kind of food. I'm only used to boiled sweet potatoes and bananas in our home in the mountain. "

Jane laughed out loudly which also made Ajie laughed, though  a bit embarrassed.

"Don't worry, I'll make you get used to it. I'll take you to different restaurants and coffee shops. We'll try buffet, fine dining,  etc. "

Watching them secretly, Mr. Lopez saw how happy her daughter was. And he was happier in thinking of ways to make her joy last forever...

"Dr. Jane, you two look great together. You're both beautiful and your physical traits complement each other so well. "

Ajie blushed while Jane giggled.

"Mr. Journalist,  make sure I will not read that comment in a magazine. Or else, I'd be killed by Ajie's girlfriend. "

Mr. Angelo's face sanked. Ajie had a girlfriend already? He's s too young! 
When the media team left, Mr. Angelo brought back the topic. He couldn't accept in his heart how his chance was easily wasted.

"Jie,  is it true that you already had a girlfriend? "

"Why do you ask, dad? "

"It's because I also believe that you are a good pair together, right Jie? "

Jane laughed as she looked at Ajie. "I'm sorry,  Adrian for their bad thoughts. "

Then, she turned to her dad. "Dad,  Ajie is getting married already. They even have a four - month -old baby. "

Mr. Angelo stared at them in disbelief. "You're still too young, Adrian. Are you really decided or are you just being obliged to marry her because of the baby? "

"We were supposed to get married last year, sir,  but her parents objected. "

"Yes,  they are right. Studies first. By the way,  what do you want in life? What is your wildest dream? " Mr. Angelo further asked.

"Sir,  I want to be the builder of the biggest and the most beautiful ship in the world someday. " He never laughed at all when he said it.

Mr. Angelo's eyes instantly lit up. "Great, Adrian. Finish your studies first then start building your dream right then. I'll provide you the necessary things to get your dream laid out. Don't you know that I am employing hundreds of ship builders
and designers? "

"I have heard about it long time ago, sir. And perhaps the reason why  our paths are brought together, is because of our common love for sea vessels. "

Mr. Angelo fixed his gaze at him for a long time and pondered on what he said. Then, he nodded.

"You're  right. I have just realized that and I believe this is not just a coincidence."

"Do you know that we also called our lost son as 'Ajie'? And Adrian James as his full name? "He laughed softly at the coincidence. He couldn't still believe how things turned out.

"And, Adrian,  can you please ask your parents what made them decide to give you "Adrian James" as your name? "

"Dad,  I know it. Because the movie, "Adrian James" became very famous. Perhaps, Ajie's parents were also inspired by it and decided to name him after the main character. Just as you did. "

Ajie chuckled out softly. "Really,  there was a movie like that? "

"Yes, and daddy even invested into that movie because that was the real life story of Adrian James,  
one of his loyal captains who lost his life during one of his voyages. "

"So sad. "

"Indeed. And few days after the release of the movie, my big brother was born. Thus, that's how my brother got his name. " Her eyes flickered as she spoke.

"Now,  Adrian, I believe we are really fated for each other. We both love marine vessels and we exactly have similar dream when I was your age. After I graduated in college, I keep on moving to different companies until I found the right one. I certainly have not become the famous Angelo Lopez overnight."

Ajie was so moved as he gazed back unblinkingly at him. He swore it in his heart. He would really work hard for his dreams and be the one he wished to be.

Mr. Lopez watched him as he got lost in his thoughts. He saw those determination in his eyes. And such potentials and determination were exactly how he saw in himself before when he was still aspiring to become successful.

"Ajie,  would your early marriage be not a hindrance to your dreams? "

Ajie smiled respectfully. "They will be my inspiration, sir. After I will be able to complete my degree,  I will come to you. "

Mr. Angelo was really touched deeper than his mere admiration of Ajie's personality.There was really something about him that made him want to get closer to him. He surprisingly wanted to let  him know that he wanted to  give him his full support and guidance in the realization of his dream.

"No, you don't have to come to me because I will be with you all the way from now on. Let's talk more about it next time."

Ajie froze in his seat as he heard him. Was he dreaming? The person who became legendary in marine vessel  prowess was going to support him all the way?

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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