Will You Remember Then?

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She Is Your Sister

When Ajie returned home, everyone was in the living room,  watching the afternoon TV Patrol Program. One of the special features that afternoon was about Mr. Lopez' interview about the story of his rescue. When the interview was finally aired, Ajie was standing beside Allie in the sofa while his arm was clawing in her shoulders.

" Dr. Jane, perhaps, get her looks from his mom. " Allie commented while she was staring at the TV screen.

"Perhaps. " Ajie shortly replied.

" Have you seen her?" She made a quick glance at him while she squeezed his hand as it hang below her neck.

"I have not. They're hiding something about her and it's too personal to ask. "

Everyone around was drawn emotionally as they watched at the program intently. And they all agreed with Mr. Lopez when he said that if only he could decide, he would do everything to have him married to his daughter.

Ajie laughed in amusement as the presentation  ended with the statement of Mr. Lopez,  "he's every woman's dream". It's too flattering. Unfortunately, his heart was not for every woman.

The program host also announced that after this interview was posted on social media  by the news department,  it went viral and instantly got million views and thousands of comments. The viewers were in chaos. Their cry and  demand  was to show them how this rescuer looked like, most especially because he was described by Mr. Lopez as "tall,  fair,   handsome and every woman's dream. Their curiousity killed them, not only because of his physical attributes but also  because of the greatness of his heart. No man could ever do such kindness towards a complete stranger.

Leo was no longer comfortable in his seat. Perhaps this interview had something to do with Ajie's meeting with Mr. Lopez.

A student... spending his school allotment...  summer job.. These gave away some clues pertaining to his personal background.

He cast stolen, side glances at him,  not wanting to miss any hint from his conversation with Allie.

"Dear, I'm also thrilled to know who this rescuer is. Has Dr. Jane happened to tell you about him? And I agree that every father would surely desire for that kind of man for their daughters,  right? " Allie muttered as she bit the side of his palm.

Ajie moved and he fully hugged her tightly from her back,  his chin resting at the top of her head.

"You won't be happy once you know who he is. " He laughed softly, to Allie's bewilderment,  then kissed her head afterwards.

"Why? Because it's an
exaggeration? "

"Because he will  soon be married to Miss Allyza Reyes. " His eyes sparked in amusement then laughed as he felt her stiffened in his embrace.

"Adrian!  Why are you hiding so many things from me?" She pulled down his arms and faced him.

"Because you were still angry. And I am afraid  to spoil your mood again with this story. "

"I already know it! My suspicions are true after all. " Leo interrupted with full confidence.

"How,  Tay? "

"Because of your meeting with him this morning. "

Ajie pursed a smile as his father made a correct guess but he became guilty as well like a thief being caught in the act of stealing.

"I'm sorry,  Tay. I wanted to tell you from the very beginning but I was afraid then. "

Leo walked towards him and patted his shoulder.

"I'm so proud of you,  son. I'm happy that you are brought to him in an unexpected way. It is also an advantage on your part because he can help you with your dreams as he is the man behind ships and yachts. But there is one thing I would like to remind you of..."

"What is it, dad? " He sighed at the relief that he wasn't scolded.

"Stay away from his daughter. "

Leo was almost tempted to say , "because she is your sister", but he tried to hold on to the secret because he was afraid. Afraid that Ajie would harbor hatred at them and afraid for their own lives the moment Mr. Lopez would know that he intentionally kept him. Their lives wouldn't be enough to pay their grief,  their guilt and their pain.

Issa and the rest were dumbfounded when Ajie told them the whole story.  Even without the rewards which he never expected at all, he was glad it happened because the incident led him to find Allie again.

Allie's parents felt remorse and guilt as they heard him. They judged him as one of the trouble - makers and killers,  not knowing how fortunate they were to have a son-in-law like him.

Mary stood up and held Ajie's arm.

" Jie, hearing your story now makes me even guiltier. I pray that you can really forgive us. Someday,  as a parent yourself,  you will come to understand why we were reacting that way. "

Sam also stepped in,  feeling the same magnitude of guilt his wife must had felt at the moment.

"Right,  Jie. Though not much was spoken on my part but I could have controlled the situation. I just hope that you can forgive and forget. "

"I am also suffering the same guilt. So,  auntie,  uncle,  let's forgive each other and start a new beginning. "

They then took turns in emotionally hugging each other. With so much tears being shed at that moment, all the pain and grudges they each kept inside flowed out with their tears and dried out  forgotten  as it were blown dry by the wind.

Time passed by quickly and soon they were gathered at a hotel garden. White and blue chairs and table sprawled out in the garden and a long,  navy blue wedding carpet was spread out towards the make - shift altar. Flower stands in the corners and rows of floral columns lined up the two sides of the blue aisle. Beautiful floral centerpieces were laid out perfectly in each table.  Though the preparation of this wedding was not long enough, the set up was simply magical.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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