Will You Remember Then?

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The Wedding

The hotel management got an unexpected headache in this wedding. Though they received an information that Mr. Lopez and his daughter were attending the event,  they did not demand for a special treatment. As a respect and as an obligation to ensure their safety,   the management tightened their security management.

However, an unexpected call in the midst of the ceremony put them in so much stress. PDEA Director General Alfonso and his team were coming to witness the event and pay their respect to the bride. Though he was no powerful than Mr. Lopez himself but he had too many open and silent enemies,  waiting for their chance to execute their evil plan. His presence in any place brought more danger than honor itself. Thus, stressing out the security department.

Mr. Lopez watched Ajie closely during the ceremony. He's yet so young but he behaved and acted like several years ahead of his actual age. His demeanor was never  a threat to a possibility of a broken home in the soon future whose decision to marry was just because of an infatuation. He looked sincere and responsible. His parents, he thought,  must be so fortunate to have a son like him. And how fortunate her daughter would have been if only she was not too late in knowing him!

" With the power vested upon me,  I now pronounce you as Mr. & Mrs. Adrian James Gonzaga..."

The defeaning round of applause brought Mr. Lopez back to his senses and he joined his hands as well to applaud for them. He looked around with a polite smile as he cheered for them,  only to be stunned by the presence of his close friend he had not seen for a long while. Director General Alfonso waved a hand at him and gave him a look which indicated that he wished to talk to him later.

During the reception,  the two VIP's sat together in one table, separate from the one designated for the principal sponsors and the special guests.

"Why are you here, Angelo? It's such a surprise to see you here. "

Mr. Angelo chuckled softly. "Alfonso boy, you're not really keeping yourself abreast of the latest incidences your friend has been

"Which one? You're always on the headline. "

Mr. Angelo shook his head and laughed. " You must had happened to hear that I'd been into an accident in the shores of Kamelyo. "

"Yes,  yes, of course. I even visited you in the ICU. And how come this wedding got related to that accident?"

"Someone saw and saved me. And my savior is the groom." He then narrated everything to him who gaped in awe of the miracle of his rescue.

"You still have a great mission in life,  Angelo because you are miraculously saved. "

"I think so, too.  And why are you also here? " Mr. Lopez returned his question a while ago.

"Because the bride is Dino's bestfriend. "

"Yes,  I watched him during the ceremony. "

Their conversation was interrupted when the newly - weds approached them as they did a table hopping pictorial.

"Congratulations, Ajie and Allie! You both looked beautiful. " Mr. Angelo greeted both of them with a hug.

"Thank you,  sir. It is such an honor to have both of you here. " Ajie respectfully recognized their presence.  Allie likewise thanked them shyly.

"If you did not save me, I wouldn't have been a witness to this wonderful wedding ceremony. " He said as he chuckled softly.

Director General Alfonso then stood up to congratulate them as well.

"Miss Allie, let me take this opportunity to thank you personally for that great contribution you have secretly done. Dino is promoted and Kamelyo has returned to a peaceful state it once had been. "

"My pleasure, sir!  For the peace our people has always longed for. " She smiled and gave a wink at Dino who was approaching them.

Andrew,  who was continously releasing beautiful  and romantic music into the background,  inclined his ears to them. None of the two dignitaries ever suspected that every topic they tackled, did not escape from his ears.

Soon, the waiters began serving them wine as they both got lost into their world.  Fully engrossed with their endless subjects,  Mr. Lopez and General Alfonso did not know that the ceremony had long been ended and that the rest of the guests had already left. The couple had already changed into their reception attire and were also got absorbed in their conversation with Dr. Jane,  Dino, Jane and Andrew in the next table. However, no one of them knew that  Andrew intentionally chose a seat close to the two VIP's and his ear was constantly inclined to his eavesdropping.

"Angelo,  how come you were able to buy that area in Kamelyo which used to be the mega shabu lab? "

"Because Mr. Dioko, one of those foreigners who were arrested, sold it to me. He was the owner of the shipping lines where I used to work when I graduated in college. I was really hurting for him when it happened because he was the one who believed in me. If not because of him,  I would not be the Angelo Lopez I am today. "

Director General Alfonso gasped. Whoever would think that the wholesome Angelo Lopez would be linked to one of the world's most wanted druglord?

"Angelo,  were you not able to advise him to stop his illegal business?  He is already very rich. " Alfonso held his gaze at him widely.

"It's because of his circle of friends. It's very complicated, you know. Once you're in it, you will forever be in it. The jail,  somehow, serves as his place of freedom. "

" Their operation had been so horrible. Kamelyo had been monopolized by them in disguise of factory workers or office workers. Only to know that even their children were trained to swallow drug packets. Of its thousands of population, 99% of them were drug mules, transporting  drugs to different parts of the country through their bodies. "

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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