Will You Remember Then?

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"Allie lived in Kamelyo? " Mr. Lopez was greatly surprised. No wonder, he thought, why Ajie was at the shore when he fell.

"Allie grew up in Kamelyo and some of their close neighbors were Ajie's relatives.That's how the couple first met. "

Mr. Lopez gaped at such information and with the fact that Alfonso knew much about her background.

"You seem to know so much about her. "

Alfonso chuckled out loudly. "Of course,  she's my Dino's bestfriend. "

Dino walked in towards the men when he heard his name while calling out the women to follow him.

"Come here,  everyone. Let's gather and talk,  talk,  talk... " He yelled out over his shoulder.

Before the women came over,  Mr. Lopez reached out his hand to him.

" Congratulations, boy! You make us so proud of you! Conquering Kamelyo is a very difficult task. "

"Thanks, uncle. " Dino respectfully replied while reaching out to shake a hand with him.

Alfonso, now drunk,  butted in.

"We're also thankful to his bestfriend for the great help. That's why we are here to personally show our gratitude. If not because of her,  tracing their deepest secrets would take a millenium to discover. Who would suspect such a child who grow up in their kind of life, to be the destroyer of their kingdom? Of course,  she can always go in and out of their den... "

Before Dino had come to his senses and realized that Alfonso was already disclosing a very confidential matter that would pose a great risk for Allie, he had already said much and couldn't be taken back anymore.

"Uncle,  you have already taken so much wine. " He tried to interrupt him but Mr. Lopez already grasped the main truth.

"You mean Allie? "

Through the meaningful stare Dino cast at him, Alfonso realized his mistake.

"Angelo,  Dino is right. I'm already a little drunk. I think I should go home now. "

"There's no problem with that,  Dino is here. "

As Dr. Jane and Anne stood up to join the rest,  Andrew reached out under the table and held Allie's hand.

"For a while,  Lyz,  I have something important to tell you. "

Allie smiled,  oblivious to what had been going on,  and sat down again.

"What is it?  You have also decided to get married? " She teased and let out a little laugh.

"This is something serious, Lyz.  Can we move on to the next table? " The next table he meant was a little farther from them and they could talk without being heard.

Ajie saw them and felt alarmed, but because of the important people around him, he got no choice but observed them through his peripheral vision.

"Lyz, I don't know about your story but I have sensed danger through the conversation of our VIPs here. "

Allie creased her brows as she looked at him.

" I have heard that Kamelyo's previous drug den is sold to Mr. Lopez and he is now using it as his shipyard. The owner is one of the leaders of that great drug syndicate who happens to be the owner of a shipping line  who helped Mr. Lopez achieve who he is today. "

Allie remained staring at him while her heart started to thump faster.

"So,  you see,  Allyza,  Mr. Lopez is indebted to this man and would surely avenge for his doom. Now, because General Alfonso is already drunk,  he disclosed a very confidential matter that it was you who gave the lead to their dark secrets to Dino,  thus,  their arrest. "

"Can you see my point?  Now,  think about this and plan for your secret escape. "

Allyza nodded and took a deep breath to calm herself before she walked towards the rest and sat beside Ajie.  Andrew followed but only to excuse himself to go ahead. No one knew that in their less than five minute talk, a bomb exploded right in the very core of Allie's heart.

Ajie looked down at her worriedly,  suspecting that Andrew must had said something to her which caused a change in her expression. He wrapped his hand with hers under the table then pulled her closer so that she could lean her back on him.

"Ajie,  as a wedding gift,  I would like you to continue your studies in Japan where our largest manufacturing facility is located. Start to expose and involve yourself in the construction  process so that you can start envisioning the design and the size of the ship you want to build in the future. "

Then he fixed a gaze at Allie. "You may also go with him and start a business. Or,  if you wish to stay with your daughter,  you can always visit him anytime you wish. Anyway,  Japan is just few hours away. "

Ajie pulled Allie even closer and looked into her eyes tenderly. Then,  he turned to Mr. Lopez again.

"We will talk about that,  sir. Thank you so much for the offer. "

It was already past midnight when they decided to part ways. Their conversation was warm and interesting but none of it was instilled into Allie's heart.

As soon as they were back into the wedding suite,  Ajie did not wait another second to ask what bothered her. Allie sat down at the edge of the bed right away, seemingly not minding the beautiful wedding set up of roses, candles and laces.

"What did Andrew tell you? " He said as he removed a strand of her hair which covered her face.

"It'a about the conversation of Mr. Lopez and Director General 
Alfonso. "

He turned her shoulders sideward to expose her back and began unzipping her dress while his eyes remained fixed at her.

"I'm exposed,  Adrian. What will happen to me now? " An expression of fear was now revealing in her eyes.

"Stand up,  first. " He did not answer her yet,  as his focus was divided in pulling down her dress completely.

"What's exposed? Your loveliness? " He said as he ran his eyes all over her.

Marilyn Lucero

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