Will You Remember Then?

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Black Logo

Early the next morning,  Allie woke up ahead. Though exhausted with the so - called special activity of their wedding night, her mind couldn't rest. She smiled  as she held his gaze at Ajie who was still peacefully sleeping. She was lucky indeed to have married the man who was described as every woman's dream. However, she couldn't take off her fears for being exposed.

She slowly stood up and tiptoed out of the bedroom and went towards the terrace at the other side of the room. She picked up her phone and pressed Dino's name.

"Allie. " A hoarse and sleepy voice waved into the line.

"Din, I'm so scared. "

"Why? " Dino's ear sharpened and he abruptly sat up.

"General Alfonso has exposed me to Mr. Lopez. "

Dino sighed in relief. He was already thinking about something more dreadful that may had happened to her.

"It's okay,  Allie. I'm sure uncle would not necessarily expose you to the public. "

"Dino,  did you know that Mr. Dioko is Mr. Lopez' close friend?  He was even the one who helped Mr. Lopez in his journey towards what he is now today. What if he will take revenge on me in his behalf? His friend suffered a life sentence,  Dino, the end of his world. "

" I don't think Mr. Lopez is as insensible as you think. He knows that his friend's business is illegal and sooner or later, he would face his retribution. And besides, why would he put the righteous life at risk just so that he could  avenge for his wicked friend?"

"Din, we don't know how deep is Mr. Lopez's sense of gratitude towards him and none of us could  blame him. Human as we are,  we always look forward to return the favor to those we are indebted of. And just who am I to him?"

"Ajie saved his life, so for his sake, he will not harm you. "

"Din,  have you seen the interview of Mr. Lopez?  Didn't he say that if only he could decide for her daughter,  he would do everything to get them married? If I'm gone, he would have the chance, right? "

"Don't overthink,  Allie. I am sure your fear would never happen. "

"I'm so scared, Din. I have a daughter whom I couldn't put at risk. "

"I understand, Al,  but it's too early to think about it. Enjoy first your honeymoon with your husband. Don't spoil it with your unnecessary fears. "

Allie pondered about if for some moments. She had heard about the cruelty those caught spies suffered.
Battered to death, dipped in a tub of water upside down,  electrocuted and sexually - molested.

What would Mr. Lopez do to her?  Would she hire someone to kill her or do those things which were now going on in her mind?  

What would happen to her daughter without her then? Her parents were already old and Ajie would then be busy with his dreams and studies.

Would she go to Mr. Lopez and beg for her life?

So many things came up in her thoughts and the more she got frightened.

She then remembered Andrew and called him up.

"Lyz, what's up? "

" Andrew,  I am thinking about what you said. "

"What happened when I left last night? "

"Mr. Lopez offered to sponsor Ajie's studies in Japan so he could start exposing himself in the construction of floating vessels.  She even told me I that I could go with him. "

Andrew did not reply right away and Allie felt tortured with his silence.

"Andrew,  what are you thinking? Please talk to me. "

She was almost hysterical as her fear heightened when she talked to him. She felt that it was only him who understood her fears. Though she knew that Ajie and Dino were more concerned about her, but she also knew that they couldn't tell her the extremes of the consequences because they wanted to protect her emotions.

"Lyz,  whether or not you will go with him, you will still be an easy prey. Mr. Lopez can easily hunt you. "

"So what can you suggest? "

"If I were you, I would go out of the country, change identity and file a marriage annulment. "

"Why would I file a marriage annulment? "

"That's simple,  Allyza,  being married to Ajie,  would still enable Mr. Lopez to trace you down. "

"Andrew,  Mr. Lopez is powerful. He can have me traced anywhere in the world. "

"With a different identity, I am sure he coudn't easily do that."

"How? "

"I'll send you an address and go there as soon as possible  as long as you can promise to keep it between just the two of us. "

"I promise,  Andrew. "

"Alright.  13th Street,  Borromeo Ave. Look for an office named Black Logo. You will know what to do. "

After Andrew had given her the address,  she called up home to check Chloe. Three nurses where exchanging an eight - hour shift to take care of her. After a diagnostic test called barium enema would be performed on her, and if that certain test would prove that the certain junction of her intestines had healed,  she would then undergo the second surgery. Those both ends of her intestines which were cut due to irreparable damage, and which were temporarily pulled outside and stitched below her lower abdomen called ileostomy,  would then be stitched  together and dropped back to its original place in the abdominal cavity.

She then went back inside the bedroom after calling home. Seeing that Ajie was still fast asleep as it was still six in the morning and that they already slept at about four,  she decided to take a bath and change.

Borromeo Avenue was just a ten - minute drive from the hotel. Since Black Logo would only operate between 5 am to 7 am,  she decided to go there right at that morning.

Few minutes after,  she found herself dropped by a taxi driver in 13th Street. The area was still very quiet but there were already people coming out from the Black Logo outlet. She looked up and read the big signage.  In a black, wooden background,  big,  white letters read as BLACK LOGO were boldly printed. Under it  were smaller letters which were read as "printing services",  and below these two words,  details of the printing services offered were printed in smaller letters.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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