Will You Remember Then?

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Andrew 3

After the band's audition, they gathered around with Miss Perez, with an overwhelming sense of victory for all the praises they had gained from the hotel's administrative council. They were given a one whole school year's contract for a live performance every Saturday night. It was also agreed that the hotel's designated department for the artists performances  would transport their equipments back and forth and would provide them a meal prior to each performance.

Andrew also got a separate contract for a weekly solo engagement as well as a separate contract for Ajie and Cherry's appearances for special occasions.  

On top of it, Miss Perez announced a victory celebration which she would personally sponsor. They would be treated for an overnight stay in one of the most famous beach resorts of the city.

Soon,  the appointed time came. Miss Perez picked them up in the university's entrance at about six in the evening. As agreed,  they would be staying for the night at the resort and would take the  next whole day out in the beach.

They were accomodated in cottages closest to the shore. The bassist and their guitarist shared a room while Andrew and Ajie shared another. Cherry and Miss Perez also got a separate one for themselves.

As soon as they arrived,  dinner was served in a table few meters away from the shoreline. Right after the main course, bottles of beer and wine were served. To Ajie's surprise,  everyone around took their own glass like they were long used to it.

"Adrian, you don't drink? " Miss Perez asked with her captivating smile which drew Andrew's eyes like a magnet.

"Haven't tried it yet, ma'am. " Ajie replied with a polite smile. His family's reputation as drunkards and trouble - makers made him swear to never to drink at all in his entire life.

"I guess you should try. " She said,  urging the rest to convince him but the smell of alcohol always turned his stomach upside down as the memories of that incident in Kamelyo came back into his mind.

"I had been treated for an errosive gastritis and had been prohibited with lots of food and drinks. " He lied in order to politely turn them down.

As the night went deeper, while the rest were engrossed with  singing and card games, they also started to get drunk.  Cherry , who was the most affected,  stood up to leave ahead. Seeing her unsteady gait,  Andrew rushed up to her side and carried her towards her room.

Miss Perez also excused herself and followed them. They all thought that she would  also now be resting with her daughter but she came out few minutes later. Clad in a transparent,   white swimsuit cover ups, she walked gracefully towards them with her two - piece,  black bikini set revealing behind her lacy cover up.
Her skin was like an ivory against the moonlight,  accentuating her taut and perfect curves.

Among the four of them,  it was only Andrew who dared to  keenly stare at her, almost without blinking. The rest quickly resumed to what they were doing and avoided an eye in respect of her.

"Boys,  I want to dip in the water to cool down. Just stay here. " She said,  casting them a quick glance.

As soon as her feet dipped in the water,  she remembered that she was still in her cover ups,  so she removed it and walked back towards her previous seat by the table and hang it on the backrest.

All the while that Miss Perez was on the water,  Andrew never removed his gaze. Ajie,  who was secretly watching him, felt sick in disappointment.  He thought about Cherry and her possible reaction if she, herself,  would catch him looking that way to her own mom. He even did not feel a slight guilt with the fact that he was not alone. He did not hold any precautions at all, knowing  that they were there,  watching his every reaction. He was not conscious even with the possibility that one of them may secretly tell Cherry about it. They had been dating out for two years already and it was not a secret to the public that they were into a relationship.

Suddenly,  they were all startled by a scream coming from the sea. They all stood up and learned that it was Miss Perez!  Without being told,  Andrew rushed forward like a lightning and they all saw him picking her up in his arms.

"What happened? " They all chorused to ask.

"I stepped on a sea urchin! " She said, crying out in pain.

Sea urchins are typically small, rounded, spiny creatures found on shallow rocky marine coastlines. The primary hazard associated with sea urchins is the contact with their spines.

"Dip it in warm water and vinegar!"
Ben,  the guitarist, suggested.

"Human pee can effectively address it. The spines will come out by itself once the acidity will be absorbed into the skin. " Lito, the bassist shared his idea,  having learned about it through his own experience while in their hometown.

"Ill go and ask for a basin and vinegar! " Ajie suggested.

"Whatever. Just please bring me to my room,  Andrew. "

Without a word, Andrew lifted her up and sprinted towards the cottage.

"Andrew,  bring me to your room, instead. I don't want to disturb my daughter. "

" Sure. "

Inside the room,  Andrew directly placed her inside the bathroom so that she could rinse off from the sea water.

"Andrew,  I can't do it by myself. Please help me."

Andrew quickly placed her first in the toilet bowl and went out to get a chair. He then placed it under the shower and lifted Miss Perez into it.

"Call me, ma'am when you're done. "

"Thanks. "

Few minutes after,  Miss Perez called him out. Andrew was already tensed and trembling deep inside. 
He opened the door and picked up a bath towel and handed it to her. To his shock,  he saw in his naked eyes that Miss Perez was slowly removing her bikini set in front of him.

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