Will You Remember Then?

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New Course

What started out as just a plan to have  a general concept of how a boat was being constructed and designed, turned out eventually as an obsession. Her online course in Naval Architecture created in her an inner desire to learn more.

She wrote a proposal to the company's board of directors to allow her to report two hours earlier daily with no lunchbreak. Her reason was so that she could enroll  in a university and take up a degree in Naval Architecture. To understand the company's business better and to lay down the foundation of her new dream to build and design superyachts,  were her main objectives stated in that proposal.

One of her heads was greatly fascinated with her plan as he saw that she was indeed a dedicated employee.

"How will you be able to help the company with your decision, 
Missy? " Mr. Gregorio fixed her gaze at her as he asked, delving deeper into the sincerity of her request.

"I am dreaming that the shipyard  will be separated distinctively from the banner of the main business which is the shipping line. And that it will have its own separate name and production. "

Mr. Gregorio pulled his brows together.

"Missy,  what do you mean? "

"I wish that this company would expand,  apart from the banner of the mother business. We will not just repair and reconstruct ships, we will be builders of superyachts and cruise ships. " She answered sincerely , in an eye to eye challenge. 
"Then Missy, how are your wishes related to your proposal? "

Allie remained looking straight at him without batting an eyelash.

"I will be this company's vessel designer, Mr. Gregorio. "


Mr. Dioko made his way out of his prison cell,  assisted by six jail guards. Very special guests waited for him outside, his son Louise and  his friend Mr. Gregorio. The latter was his trustee in all the businesses on sole proprietorship under his son's name. Louise  was still seventeen years old and was still incapable of handling businesses.

After an emotional greetings,  they gathered together in a rectangular table.

"Son, I hope you won't follow my footsteps. Study hard and make a name in the business world, your uncle is there to guide and train
you. " He said as he glanced up at Mr. Gregorio.

Louise looked down and felt guilty. His dad must have been aware of his revenge for him.

"Stop avenging for me. This will do you no good in the end. " He spoke a little louder than a whisper since the guards around them were keenly watching.

"Bud,  a new personnel manager in our dockyard requested the company to allow her to enroll in a university so she could help in the development of the company. " Mr. Gregorio then relayed to him the details of what she could offer to the company in return.

" She said she wanted to be the builder and designer of the worlds most beautiful and most luxurious  superyachts in the soon future. "

Mr. Dioko's eyes lit up in excitement.

"What's the condition? "

"She only asks to allow her to report  two hours earlier with no lunchbreak. "

"Let her report on time and give her only four hours to work. Pay her school's tuition fee and give her a good  allowance. "

Mr. Gregorio was suddenly taken aback of his friend's reaction.

"He will be the second Angelo Lopez, remember? "Mr. Dioko then reminded his friend about Mr. Angelo's similar determination before which made him a very successful man.

"She." Mr. Gregorio corrected.

"What? "Mr. Dioko's eyes widened.

"She is a very beautiful lady in her early twenties. I called her Missy because she really is a miss among our robust men. "

His eyes then shifted to Louise.

"Come with me,  Louise. Study with her. I'm sure you will really like her. "

Mr. Dioko was the happiest among them all.

"Son, I really want you to have a very good and guilt - free life,  away from enemies and chaotic life. Go with your uncle. "

Mr. Dioko was really not a wicked man. However, he fell into a wrong circle of friends who trapped him into doing the business in the black market. He could not go out and escape anymore the moment he learned the true nature of the business.

He launched different scholarship programs and employed them in his companies once they graduated. Mr. Angelo Lopez was one of them. Mr. Dioko was ten years older than Angelo but his fondness of him as a diligent and determined person, eventually brought his heart closer to him and they became bestfriends.


When Louise arrived home later with Mr. Gregorio,  he almost fainted in shock the moment he saw their guest sitting comfortably in the couch of their living room. His dangerous aura emitted guns, daggers and cuffs in the eyes of those who were guilty. And Louise was one of them.

"General Alfonso, it's been a long while. " Mr.  Gregorio came towards him happily. He was so happy to see his close friend and classmate he had not seen for a long time.

The Director General stood up and spread his arms to hug him.

"What makes you come here miraculously? " Mr. Gregorio chuckled out loudly, he knew he was a very busy man.

General Alfonso then looked at Louise who was suddenly stripped off of his fearless aura and appeared like a wet chick in front of him.

"Louise, as my bestfriend Angelo's nephew,  I personally come here to warn you. You are under our surveillance for already a long while and we know all about the crimes you do to avenge your father. "

"Will you let your men stop the cruelty immediately or do I need to tell you what  I would do? " The dark  and burning eyes of General Alfonso seemed to melt down his professed ferocity.

He did not say a word and remained looking down like an eagle with broken wings.

"I won't force you to stop if that is not your choice. However, I won't also respect whoever you may be after this warning. "

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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