Will You Remember Then?

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I'm A Dangerous Man

Lying limply on the ground after being kicked to death, she still saw the man took off his clothes. She saw his evil smile as he began removing her pants and her blouse. Contrary to her abating strength, was her flaring heartbeats,  throbbing painfully against her chest. It' s loudness even drowned his devilish laughter after he succesfully removed the last tiny pieces off from her body. She screamed in fright and despair as the man spread up her legs forcefully and began licking her inner thighs. His tounge moved upward while goosebumps spread all throughout until it reached her most private territory. Screaming from the top of her lungs and wailing at the same time, she struggled to free herself...

"Miss, Miss, wake up! " Allie scrambled to her feet as she was awakened to the strong tugging of her shoulders.

She instantly trembled as her eyes opened to see the gentle face of a young man who was bending over her. She hadn't seen him before. His almond - shaped eyes surrounded by long, thick lashes made him different from all of the men she met in this place. His milky white skin made him look younger and his naturally flushed cheeks reminded her of the pinkish face of Chloe.

"Who are you? Where am I? " She asked boldly as she looked around in a frightened expression.

She was already inside a beautifully - designed room, furnished with contemporary and elegant furnitures. The bed she was lying in was large and her bedside lamp on top of a wooden table displayed elegance.

"In my room here in the office. " He answered but he quickly turned his back on her right away. His short answer made her crazy.

"In your office?  Where? Who are you? " She desperately asked as her scary memories in the shipyard rushed back into her mind.

Waiting for his answer which seemed to never come at all, the door was opened and to her great relief, it was Mr. Domingo.

"Missy,  I'm glad you're up! " He said as he worriedly approached her by the bedside.

"Sir..." A lump suddenly formed in her throat that she couldn't speak. She couldn't believe that she was still breathing and seemed to be in a safe room. Tears instantly followed and in the next moment, she found herself sobbing all her fear out.

"Missy,  what are you doing in the area? It was still very early and the place was dangerous." Mr. Domingo said as he rubbed her back and touched her head like a father to a crying daughter.

Allie smiled weakly before she answered.

"I was just looking around to see how big is our place. I watched the men working and imagined myself designing my own craft. Most importantly, as I requested, I came early so that I can still go to school afterwards. "

Mr. Domingo nodded in admiration. He saw her sincerity and how she instantly got lost whenever she thought about designing her own crafts.

"From now on, report to work at 8 am to 12 pm until your schooling will be completed. I'll send you a written agreement for that. "

"What? " She looked surprised and overjoyed, momentarily forgetting her terrifying experience earlier.

"Yes, Missy. " His smile got wider as he reached out a hand to congratulate her.

"Thank you so much,  sir. "

"Our pleasure, Missy. As long as you will be faithful according to what you have  promised. "

"By God's grace,  sir. "

Allie got teary - eyed to hear this amazing surprise after she almost died in fear.

"By the way,  Hayri saw you being dragged. He hurried back to the office to call the guard. When they went back to rescue you, the man was about to kick you but the guard fired his gun into the air. "

"Thank you,  Lord..." She mumbled in silent prayer of thanksgiving as to how she was rescued. She was sure that that Hayri just happened to drop by.

"Who is Hayri? " She asked, wondering if he was a utility worker or an engineer who happened to pass by.

Mr. Domingo turned to the young man who woke her up who was now lying comfortably in the couch while watching TV.

"Hayri, introduce yourself to Missy. "
He ordered and surprisingly,  the young man stood up obediently and extended a hand towards her.

"I'm Hayri, my Turkish name. Glad to meet you. " He said with a gentle smile but slumped back to the couch afterwards, placing both of his legs on the arm rest.

"Sleep again, Missy,  to relax your mind then I'll bring you both to the university in two hours. "

Take them both to the university? She wanted to ask more about it but he saw him winked at her with a "will-talk-about-it-later" look.

"Who's room is this? "She surely couldn't bring herself to sleep again in a stranger's room.

"It's Hayri's. Stay here before I could
clear out everything. "

Noticing her discomfort, Hayri stood up and followed Mr. Domingo to the door.

"Sleep again, Missy. I'll wake you up after an hour. " Hayri said as he looked back at her over his shoulder while opening the door.

She watched him closed and reopened the door as he forgot to switch off the light. Allie hurriedly sprang up to her feet and dropped down on her knees by the bed. She cried hard as she thanked God for the way He arranged the coming of Hayri into the area to be His channel of rescuing her. In all the remaining time, Allie poured out her heart's contents in that special moments of prayer. She commited her and Ajie's dreams and plans to the Lord as well as the guidance and protection for her whole family.

"Lord, I may be wrong in my decision to run away but please turn this mistake into a blessing for all of us and for all the people around me. "

She did not know that Hayri was already standing by the door when she uttered her last prayer loudly. He felt something strange inside. What kind of heart this woman has?  That's maybe why his uncle travelled the distance just to tell his father about her. He may had already seen something different in her.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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