Will You Remember Then?

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I Want To Find Her

At about two in the morning,  Mary and Sam woke up to the persistent ringing of their phone. Thinking that it could be an emergency call, Mary sprang up to her feet and picked it up. It was Joshua, her cousin's son who worked in Kamelyo's Mega Lab before.

"Auntie, had Allie gone out of her head?  Did she ever know that there is no secret which could remain hidden forever? "

"Joshua!  Why are you ranting at this hour?  What's happening? "

"Auntie, somebody had leaked out an information that she was the primary source of all the secrets which caused the downfall of Kamelyo's drug cartel. Why did she betray them? And how is she going to live once she will be caught? Mr. Dioko's son instructed me to hand her directly to him because he himself would do the punishment. "

Joshua cursed  a thousand times in his pity, anger and fear for his cousin. How could she stand tall against a mighty tower? How could she fully hack a tough stronghold?

"Joshua,  please do something..." It was all Mary could say as the reality of Allie's situation sank in, making her knees  wooble in great fear.

"Auntie, where is she? Tell me so that we can divert our search for her. " Joshua demanded so angrily that in the next second,  he was already crying.

"Such a fool woman!  She didn't know how dangerous it is to go against a drug syndicate! I swear to kill her myself with one shot before she would be tortured in the hands of the enemy. "

Mary and Sam cried harder as they listened to the desperate tone and anger of their nephew, knowing that he was not threatening them at all.

"She's into hiding, Josh, but we don't know where. "

"Fine!  Tell her to hide forever! " Josh ended his call abruptly, leaving the two helpless on what they should do.

Just then, their quivering heightened when their door alarm sounded. Who could be visiting them in the middle of the night? They decided to ignore it despite the persistent pressing of whoever was outside. They were too afraid that it could be Allie's hunters.

Allie's phone then rang and Sam hurried up to answer it. To his relief,  it was Ajie telling them to open the door for him. Once he was inside, he saw their frightened expressions,  their inflamed eye bags and reddened noses.

"What happened to you? " He asked as he took their hands to bless him.

With quivering voice,  they told him everything including Allie's escape,  Joshua's call and the succesive killings and torture of their relatives.

Ajie was indeed right in leaving Japan hurriedly. He felt something wasn't right. There were even times when he  woke up in the middle of the night due to his rapid heartbeats. He heard Mr. Lopez and Louise in the first place but in his excitement for his dreams,  he took it for granted. When he last talked to Allie,  she told him about her precautions against her enemies but still he ignored it.

And now Allie's gone. She ran away for her life without even telling him about it. She may had felt humiliated because he never showed any concern for her safety. She may had felt she was not being heard that's why she sought solutions of her problem alone.

He suddenly felt remorse for his indifference. He felt incapacitated as a husband. He felt that Allie was indeed wrong in marrying him because in this fearful situation where he should have been there to lighten her fears,  he rather proved himself useless. He felt so guilty and ashamed but it was already too late. Where could she be hiding now?

"Jie, we're worrying for the safety of your daughter. It's seems that there's no safe place to hide. We just hope that they will spare the innocent. "

With this,  Ajie cried bitterly,  barely unable to stiffle his urge to sob. He could not bring them to Japan since the first clues of the enemies to her location would be the people related to her. He could not also hide them in Mr. Lopez's residence because his loyalty to his friend was expected to outweigh his gratitude in him. He could neither bring them to his home in Molave for the same reason as he couldn't bring them along with him in Japan.

While he racked his brain in coming up for a right decision, his phone vibrated. It was Dr. Jane.

"Jane, I'm sorry for leaving 
hurriedly. " He said apologetically over the line.

"I can only forgive you once you tell me the problem. "

Within the short time he and Jane had been living under one roof, Jane had become a very good friend to him. She was  not only a good listener but  was also a very good adviser. Having established a great bond already,  Ajie did not hesitate to confide everything to her.

"Jie, wait for me. I'll catch the next plane. Just tell your parents - in -law to pack up some things. "

Just as she said,  Dr. Jane arrived sooner than they expected. She brought them to her house in Beautiful Haven. The place is secluded and exclusive only to the children and their recognized guardians. The security was also very tight so they were much safer to stay there than anywhere else. Her own dad even seldomly visited her there and when he did, he only met her at her office.

They could not also  let them escape to other countries easily as papers in the Philippines took years to process. Neither of them were ready,  even Chloe herself.

When everyone was settled comfortably and was able to take a deep breath, Ajie voiced out his grief to Jane.

"I want to find her,  Jane. I can no longer focus on my studies if I won't know if she's safe or not. "

"I'll find a way to trace her name in flight or departure records. " Jane offered, thinking about their connections in the business industry.

"How long has it been since she called up her parents? " She asked further.

"According to them,  just few days ago. Yet,  she informed them ahead that she might not be able to call them for a long while due to the threats. "

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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